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    turbo overboost

    I continue to get P0234 turbo overboost and limp mode faults for the last 3 years. It wasn't much a problem when I lived on the flatter east coast, but this summer I moved to New Mexico in the Rockies where the speed limits are 75 so now it happens frequently. It can only be triggered at speeds...
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    high cetane vs b20

    I have been using B20 for a few months and initially I was getting a lot of black smoke when starting the engine for the first time of the day. I was previously using a BP premium diesel with a high cetane rating, and never noticed any smoke. I still see the smoke occasionally when accelerating...
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    1st time vag-com

    i got a steady mil indicator light, so i hooked up the vag-com for the first time to read the code. I ran the auto scan on 1j - vw g/j/b mk4 (assuming no specificity for tdi.) It went through about 100 codes. I saved the output (one fault found), drove away and the indicator light is now off. I...
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    The New Energy Debates

    Z Magazine Online Printer Friendly Version January 2007 Volume 20 Number 1 Green Tide The New Energy Debates Will the new Congress act to...
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    flashing glow plugs - no brake lights

    I replaced the fourpin brake switch today, went smooth following these instructions: I can't tell for certain because i didnt have a helper, but i backed up by a glass window and pressed brake, and only the hatchlight was working, not the ones on...
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    03 VW Volkswagen JETTA WAGON GLS TDI Diesel 5-Speed - $19500

    saw this today, thought id share.
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    keeping engine running all day

    So, I do a courier route 5 days a week, its about 3 hrs, 75 miles of driving, and i make about 7 stops a day, each for about 5 minutes. For the first two months after getting the TDI i turned the car off at every stop. I was recommended last weekend to keep the car running, and lock the doors...
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    headrest stuck

    03' jetta wagon passenger headrest is stuck in the upper most position. I think the button is working fine, because the bar on the side of the button slides up and down a bit. Its the bar on the non-button side that isn't budging. The driver side works well, so it can't be that they got...
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    robots golf

    robot gulf:
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    what are you paying?

    I believe this is the only place near me that currently sells biodiesel, some locals are creating their own, so I eventually will connect with them. a 5 gallon container of B100 for $25 seems steep, what are others paying around the country? tom...
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    fs : veggie diesel jetta on ebay

    fossil fuel free kit sounds interesting
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    wanted in philadelphia

    Looking to purchase a TDI 98-2002. I am not particular on the body style, so an older model will suit me fine and save some money. Jetta, Passat, or Wagon - manual. I have been driving clunky boats from the early 80's for the last few years, but previously owned a 90 passat. I'm excited about...