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  1. black_and_chrome

    Montreal, Quebec - 2005 Jetta TDI GLS

    **** VENDU / SOLD **** For Sale / A Vendre This car will be sold one way or another, I would like to sell it to a TDI Club Member but the dealer has offered me 9,000$ + tax. It will be gone by the 15th of this month. 2005 Jetta TDI PD GLS 5 speed manual (Fully loaded) - 144 000km Ext...
  2. black_and_chrome

    2005 Jetta TDI PD GLS

    For Sale / A Vendre 2005 Jetta TDI PD GLS (Fully loaded) - 140 000km Ext: Black / Noir Int: Beige Leather / Cuir Mint condition, well maintained TDI for sale with all bells and whistles listed below in signature including 15" winter tires on factory original rims and 18" summer tires on...
  3. black_and_chrome

    KP-39 (PD) Intake pipe loose

    Hello all, I have been looking through the search tool for a few days now with no success... I remember reading about a fix that one of the members came up with for this common problem, but I cannot seem to find it... Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance,
  4. black_and_chrome

    PD Idle issues... only in the cold?

    After trying to hijack another thread ;), someone suggested that I start my own, even though I have the same symptoms, because they were discussing VE and not PD. The symptoms are listed below, copied from the previous thread. The problem does go away during the spring and does not come back...
  5. black_and_chrome

    Ethanol in Diesel?

    Hey guys, I did some searching on the site but was not able to locate anything on this topic... I went to a local station in Montreal, Sonic, that clamed they had Biodiesel... When I asked the attendant if it was B5 or B20 he had a confused look on his face, as if I was talking a different...
  6. black_and_chrome

    Dyno at TO. avec Kerma

    Salut tous le mond! Pour ceux qui sont interresees, les gars de Toronto organise une journee de dyno au debut du mois prochain. Kerma y sera pour faire du "tuning" alligator. Pour vouds inscrire verrifier ce "thread".
  7. black_and_chrome

    Achat de groupe pour un "down pipe" de Passenger Performance

    Salut les gars! Il-y-a un achat de groupe qui se fait pour un "down pipe" de Passenger Perefomance. Voici le produit: C'est un fabricant canadien qui est tres reconue pour...
  8. black_and_chrome

    Idle problem... any thoughts?

    Over the past few weeks I have noticed an idle problem with my PD...:mad: After a few minutes of driving, the idle RPM tends to jump from 900 to almost 1000 and back down if I was tapping on the throttle...:confused: It does not happen all the time, but enough to concern me. Any...
  9. black_and_chrome

    TPC installed!

    Just wanted to express my appreciation to the folks at / Joe Hafner. I purchased a tuning box over two years ago and I still love it!!! :D I think that this is the most underrated "mod" available to TDI PD's. I recently got the TPC module that compliments the tuning box...
  10. black_and_chrome

    Diesel Power DIGI PRO

    Hello all, I am looking to sell my Tuning Box. This is the wired version for all PD engines, MK4 & MK5. This is a great MOD that puts out lots of power . This is a great option for people that want to be able to remove their MOD prior to going to the dealer for service. If you are not familiar...
  11. black_and_chrome

    Siruis Satelite Radio on MK4

    Hello all! I have had satelite radio in the car for well over a year now, and its great! I love it! My only complainte is the after market radio sticking out somewhere... Is there any way to have the satelite radio on the OME radio? Replacing it with an upgraded one? Thanks
  12. black_and_chrome

    FFI - MPG CAPS fuel Additive

    FFI (Freedom Fuel International) makes these "pills" that are a fuel additive. They supositly improve performance and mileage, while cleaning you engine and prolonging it's life...? Has anyone ever heard of this product, and how well it works? Thanks, Black and Chrome
  13. black_and_chrome

    How do I post pics?

    I was trying to showcase my wheels and when I went to attach a picture it asked for a URL - Http...? How do I get the attachment on the posting? Nick 2005 TDI PD
  14. black_and_chrome

    17" Audi rims

    17\" Audi rims What can I say I love Jetta's but I have a soft spot for those 17" Audi 5 star rims. Can anyone tell me if these rims are compatible with my 2005 Jetta TDI GLS? And if so, what size tire I should use?
  15. black_and_chrome

    Performance chip for the new PD

    According to the web site I am a "newbee". This is my first posting so I hope I do not do anything wrong. I have been looking for a performance chip for my 2005 black Jetta TDI GLS and to my suprise I have been having a hard time. I am being told that for 2004 and up, all the PD's, can not be...
  16. black_and_chrome

    Performance chip for the new PD