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  1. greengeeker

    Help me get to a quarter million miles

    Negative. That being said, if the car is in otherwise good condition I wouldn't scrap the car. Repair is fairly straightforward.
  2. greengeeker

    Thoughts? 98 Polo or 96 Passat

    he said both rocker panels were dented in (die Schweller eingedrückt), only in the front. So not rust. You think you could put your vape stick down to make a 3min video? Lame.
  3. greengeeker

    Help me get to a quarter million miles

    It's an interference motor.
  4. greengeeker

    MKIII TDI Reliability

    or rent a truck from home depot for the hour or two when you need it. It took me ages to convince a coworker who was commuting 130mi (roundtrip) in a gas superduty, that a TDI commuter was the cheaper mode of transportation even after factoring in the extra insurance and maintenance. It took...
  5. greengeeker

    Turbo replacement - is it worth it?

    There is a hard line between your tandem pump and the brake booster - inspect this for cracks.
  6. greengeeker

    Turbo replacement - is it worth it?

    There are a multitude of causes for underboost. The likelihood that the turbo itself has failed and is the cause of it, is very remote. It doesn't sound like your mechanic can diagnose and differentiate the various causes so don't trust his "guidance"
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    DPF replacement tutorial?

    Alignment when you're done?
  8. greengeeker

    HELP!! No start ALH

    hmm. That's not good. I assume your timing is off and/or you have mechanical issues with the new engine.
  9. greengeeker

    HELP!! No start ALH

    When trying to start are you getting smoke out the tailpipe?
  10. greengeeker

    Just purchased! Q7 TDI

    What surprised me about the Q7: the windshield rake ends up leaving you with with a tighter entry than I was expecting from a heavy, 3 row SUV. It does ride very nice. You are always aware of its heft and I can see why you'd go through brake pads quickly.
  11. greengeeker

    2001 VW Jetta engine shakes on shutdown

    Toby - the turbo is controlled by the vacuum system. If you have a vacuum leak you'll have a) low boost b) shaky shutdown due to inoperable ASV. For me, the telltale sound I listen for on a vacuum leak is the ASV itself. You should hear the ASV audibly open back up ~2 seconds after the...
  12. greengeeker

    BHW TDI with 02m->02d syncro->0a5 4motion swap into Eurovan

    This would be my guess as well - your common power to those solenoids/sensors is grounding out somehow.
  13. greengeeker

    ALH Build Help

    Bare minimum: upgraded rods and upgraded headstuds/bolts. Going out on a limb: cam adds a little bit ~10hp and porting adds another ~10hp (with cam).
  14. greengeeker

    Run away engine 😢

    mentioned I think four times in this thread...remove the glow plugs and bar the engine over.
  15. greengeeker

    ALH Build Help

    Agreed. And will remain reliable, even with stock long block.
  16. greengeeker

    ALH Build Help

    You'll need to trim back your build to align with your budget. edit: mastertrim beat me to it.
  17. greengeeker

    MK6 Golf Under-hood Insulation Question

    Nice. I love a good data log summary :) 300k miles logged on mine over ~410 fuel ups since Feb 2006 (didn't log many miles in 2020, 2021). Interesting the miles/tank average. 730mi/tank vs 470mi/tank. I admittedly go well past the low fuel light EVERY tank .
  18. greengeeker

    MK6 Golf Under-hood Insulation Question

    slip in some fabric softener sheets before you tighten the zip ties. Hopefully will keep the mice at bay for a while at least. :)
  19. greengeeker

    ALH Build Help

    What's your budget?