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    MK7 Golf Parts

    Located in Charleston, WV Black leather w/ gray stitching rear headrests - $150 Rear cargo mat - $50 Plug & Play trailer hitch harness - $20 I have a set of rubber monster mats, but one of the rear mats is missing. $20
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    Flashing CEL Under Acceleration

    My daughter said that her 2015 Golf TDI has a flashing CEL under acceleration today. The CEL isn’t on, but there’s a code stored. The code is P06C7 and it states that the #3 glow plug is incorrect. The car has 53k miles so it’s still covered under the powertrain warranty. I have to take it to...
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    Osram LED Headlights w/ Lamin-X Film

    MK7 Golf Osram LED Headlights w/ Lamin-X Film sold!
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    Navigation/Telephone Function Not Supported

    I took out 2015 Golf TDI to the dealership to get a key programmed and after getting it back the navigation and Bluetooth no longer work. When I press the nav button the maps pop up and a message stating that “navigation: function is not supported” and when phone is pressed the screen shows a...
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    New Dr ColorChip Tempest Blue Metallic Squeeze ‘n Squeegee Kit

    New in the box kit that I recently bought before selling the car. I replaced it with another TDI, but in a different color. $60 shipped for the kit. I paid $80 shipped for it.
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    FS: OEM Golf R Suspension

    Shocks, struts, and springs. They were removed from a Golf R at 5k miles according to the person I got them from. I never got around to installing them on the JSW, but I’ve done it on others in the past and it helps with handling a lot. $300
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    Bought a 2012 JSW TDI

    On Friday I purchased a 2012 JSW TDI with DSG and a panoramic sunroof for my daughter. It’s tempest blue with the beige interior and currently has 60k miles on it. It was a one owner car that was traded in 2015 before VW issued the stop sale. It had the repair done in August of this year so it...
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    RNS-510 V12 (2018) Map Update DVD

    This is the latest 2018 map update that was recently released for the RNS-510. $100 shipped Priority Mail.
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    Audi Q5 Parts

    I have a few parts left over from my Q5 TDI. Black Optics grills - $300 plus shipping Black cargo cover - $150 shipped First aid kit - $20 shipped Rear cargo mat - $50 plus shipping
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    RNS-510 Revision J w/ Solid State Drive

    VW RNS-510 Navigation with the security code and a GPS antenna. It has the latest V11 maps and firmware 5382 installed. It also has video in motion enabled. I can do any coding needed before shipping it. $880 shipped in the U.S.
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    B7 Passat Parts

    OEM Monster Mats -$50 OEM trunk mat - $40 Ed's headlights w/ Morimoto HID kit - $400
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    Repair Loose Fuel Door

    Yesterday after washing the Passat my wife was drying it and opened the fuel door to get the excess water out. I heard her yelling about how she couldn't wait to turn the car in. The fuel door was loose and wobbling up and down. I decided to take it apart today to try to fix it. It was very easy...
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    TDI Claims Portal

    I received an email a few hours ago stating that the claims portal is now accepting documents. You have to upload, fax, or mail a copy of your registration, drivers license, and the front and back of the title.
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    RNS-510 V11 Map Update (2016 maps)

    RNS-510 2016 map update. I received it today and installed it in my Passat. There's no damage and it's like new. $90 shipped
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    Driver door won't lock

    The driver door on my 2013 TDI SEL won't lock with the key fob or the handle. I can pop the cover off of the door handle to use the manual lock, but that's a pain. I'm assuming that it's the door lock actuator. I know that it was a common problem on the earlier VW's. Has anyone tried to repair...
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    Ross Tech Unlimited VIN Hex-Net

    I bought it from Ross-Tech a few months ago to use with my iPhone and iPad. I don't use it much so I'm selling it. $500. I bought it directly from Ross-Tech and have the box with the cable (it can be used with as a cable too). Ross-Tech charges $599 plus $25 shipping.
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    RCD-510 Radio w/ HD radio

    RCD-510 revision AF- $325 shipped and insured with the security code. I have a revision AC for $280 shipped 1K0035188F with a camera input for $370 shipped I can change the coding on any unit before shipping it if it needs to be done.
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    9w7 Bluetooth Module

    9w7 Bluetooth module 7P6035730K. This module supports a2dp and voice command. $125 shipped in the US.