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    2015 Passat TDI brake/clutch replace

    Anyone done this. Did it many times on my 04 jetta tdi. Heard the clutch port was different, plastic part. Anything I need to know before I do this. Any pictures or videos done. Did not see anything on searches and internet. thanks coulee
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    MN or WI B99/B100 Locations

    Laptop not working, trying to find on my phone. I heard available in Madison area, anywhere in Minnesota. I'm only an hour away from Twin Cities in Wisconsin. Much closer. Prefer using Bio for lubricity. Supplier in Cumberland/Duluth shut down couple of years ago. Thanks Coulee
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    2015 passat tdi engine question

    Was adding windshield washer fluid, checking oil on car. Noticed in the back left corner of the engine a "bunch of white crud encircling" a pipe there. I carefully broke it off in chunks and cleaned up. The part is black, which connects to a silver colored part, there are two small pipes...
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    Should I get one of these?

    Eich Motors, in St. Cloud, MN has about 4 now. Also Jetta. I bought there, good honest people to deal with, no games. Might be hike but a possibility. I had one small issue on the CPO they took care of no problem, no hassle. couleetdi...
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    MKV PD vs. NMS CR - Help!

    I had a '03 Jetta GL 1.9, bought new, had 15 years, minor issues. Bought 2015 passat SE 6sp Manual Dec. 2018. Love it, highways miles at 70-75 runs 50-54 mpg, average on tank around town, on road as I live in country runs me upper 40's, lower 40's during winter so far. No issues. Had 24k on...
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    All Season Tires for Winter Land

    Bought my 2015 passat se tdi a year ago this month, DEC 2018. Love the car, nice upgrade from my 2003 Jetta TDI GL and easier to get in and out of before, during after my knee replacement. My gripe I didn't drive much last year after the accident with my Miata and tanker semi. These...
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    Passat Headlights

    Bought this 2015 Passat TDI SE, 6 sp manual almost a year ago. So far a great running car, and really like the ride over my 2003 Jetta tdi I had for 15 years. Headlights are bit dim, I see people talking about Osram (which I like and use on all vehicles as replacements), Silver Star and...
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    Fuel Filler Tube Nozzle Adapter

    If you remove the filler tube nozzle adapter, how much more diesel can you put in the tank vs. having it in. I've had my 2015 passat tdi in twice for warranty issues, minor issues, but they must check to see if it has been removed or not, service guy mentioned it. I'm thinking when my CPO...
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    SD card music mystery '15 GSW

    On the '15 models, passat, not sure about gold and jetta, they only play mp3, wma and wav files. Will not play mp4 like apple products use. If you have any mp4, you can convert them to mp3 and they play fine. Just a thought.
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    Alternator bearing Tool

    I sold my 2003 Jetta TDI last year, bought a 2015 Passat TDI SE. I have some tools and not sure if they will work on passat or not. One item is the alternator bearing removal tool. Does anyone know if this works on the passat or not. If not, I'll be selling or giving away to someone who can...
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    Fog Lights for 2015 Passat SE TDI

    Has anyone added fog lights to the above model. I see some expensive options via dealer. Looking for any other possibilities and your experience installing and functionality. couleetdi
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    2015 Passat SE

    Got it working, sticky keys, dealership used something when cleaning car. Took thin film tissue paper, pressed in open spots, soaked up fluid, whatever. Blew with compressor air in can, sprayed circuit board cleaner into open spots between buttons, seems to work now.
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    2015 Passat SE

    How to reset Route and other options in convenience menu? Stumped. Followed directions, for ie Route, but does not reset to zero, same with secondary trip, primary trip works using small reset button ok, Can't be that difficult. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? ty
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    2015 Passat TDI 6 sp manual test drive

    Been driving over 20 years, in Wisconsin. Cold like Ontario. I've come close a few times, but never gelled up. Still don't want to take a chance. TY for advice. I don't trust oil companies YET.
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    2015 Passat TDI 6 sp manual test drive

    :confused:Nice test drive today. Sure different than a Jetta. salesman said pull into gas station, I'll add fuel, it's low and with cold weather coming in MN, need to add some. He had a heck of a time getting smaller nozzle into the filler tube. I asked him, how are you supposed to add...
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    2015 Passat TDI 6 sp manual shifting

    Shiftin TY 740GLE. I'm sure we share similar roads and landscape, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. I live on hill, only way up county road from three directions, 900 feet above valley floor. My 03 rolls up in 5th gear just fine, but different animal that Passat is. Thanks for the...
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    2015 Passat TDI 6 sp manual shifting

    I am finally able to go test drive a car to replace my Miata which was totaled 3 months ago. Back and knees coming along slowly but I'm functional and wife too. In town driving, like 35 mph what gear you running 3rd or 4th In town driving 45 mph. what gear you running 4th On 55 mph roads...
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    Any dealers specializing in used TDI sales? this guy has sold about 100 so far, good pricing and nice condition Close to Iowa too. I was looking at one, but can't pull the plug yet, due to problem with accident with had with miata. good luck...
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    '03 Jetta tdi Sedan muffler issue

    Finally got completely under car, no rain for few days but snow is coming. Weld area behind cat rotted out bad, three holes in muffler, two on back side, about quarter size, one in front by incoming pipe. So for now, muffler putty and muffler bandage on bad spots. Car has seldom had...
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    '03 Jetta tdi Sedan muffler issue

    Muffler is shot, falling apart, wired up for now, as hanger is gone too Wisconsin winter weather and salt over time. Does any vendor make a pipe to replace from intermediate pipe out back where muffler is? I think the piece before the muffler is an intermediate pipe. or you folks...