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    SOLD! 2000 VW Golf TDI for sale, San Diego, CA. $3500. SOLD!!

    Car sold, 10/2/21. Best of luck to everyone... -E Selling it as it is my second car and I just am not using it... It is really fun to drive, it runs great. Was going to put it on Ebay but wanted to try here first. Let me know if you have any questions. Features: 163k miles 2 door...
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    New injectors ----> hard start. timing change????

    Hello All- I have a 2000 golf TDI 5sp with 128k miles, running b100. 6 months ago the car was hard to start (i.e cranking for ~8 seconds before starting up). The dealer did "something" (which I assume was change the timing) and that + a new battery solved my starting problems- it started...