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  1. LiquidBlackDZL

    WTB: MK4 Golf Upper Front Grill in SF Bay Area

    Nevermind. Found one.
  2. LiquidBlackDZL

    WTB: OEM MK4 ALH Catalytic Converter

    Anyone have spare OEM MK4 ALY catalytic converter in good condition they'd like to sell? I need one for smog. Tnx in advance!
  3. LiquidBlackDZL

    NEEDED: OEM Catalytic Converter ALH

    Anyone have spare OEM MK4 ALY catalytic converter they'd like to sell? I need one for smog. Tnx in advance.
  4. LiquidBlackDZL

    FS: XL Oil Cooler- OEM Upgrade for ALH $250

    Up for sale is an OEM 130hp PD Passat oil cooler which I ran on my ALH as an upgrade. I saw some soot in my coolant reservoir and suspected a leak in the oil cooler so I bought a replacement. I did a leak test and the oil cooler turned out fine as verified through a leak test. Since I already...
  5. LiquidBlackDZL

    Replace clutch disc or master/slave cylinder

    My clutch pedal recently started releasing to half the pedal height as before. It still engages/disengages ok (but close to the floor) and doesn't feel soft or spongy. The clutch doesn't slip either, although I haven't really tried to rev it high for fear of wearing the clutch out completely and...
  6. LiquidBlackDZL

    Cluster swap- can't clear previous adaptation

    I was swapping an immo3 sport cluster into my immo2 mk4 golf and got to the step where I log in using the SKC to wipe out the previous adaptation. However, when I go to check block 23, the 4th box still shows 6. I obtained the SKC using vag tacho and assume it's right since I read the pin...
  7. LiquidBlackDZL

    WTB: MK4 Golf rear bumper

    Looking for a MK4 Golf rear bumper, any color, damage ok as long as it is mountable and can hold the rear license plate. Let me know what you got.
  8. LiquidBlackDZL

    Stock intake pipe needed- borrow or buy

    Anyone local to SF Bay have a stock MK4 intake pipe (from airbox to turbo) I can borrow for a week or so, or buy if you prefer to sell? Thanks!
  9. LiquidBlackDZL

    Fight CARB!
  10. LiquidBlackDZL

    Fight CARB!

    Was listening to the radio when I heard about this website. It's aimed to help truckers since they are the majority of diesel users, but its also something that we can benefit from since it affects us as well.
  11. LiquidBlackDZL

    Extra vibration at idle

    I've recently noticed a little extra vibration when the car is sitting at idle. If I turn the steering wheel a tad to the left or right, the vibration goes away. Checked my power steering fluid and it was full and the steering feels fine when driving. Do I need to flush the fluid, or could this...
  12. LiquidBlackDZL

    For Sale: Stock ALH Intercooler

    No leaks. $100 shipped within US.
  13. LiquidBlackDZL

    Clutch install in SF Bay

    Anyone get a clutch install lately with satisfactory results? I usually go to bugformance but the charge for labor is over $600. Anyone know any cheaper places with dependable service? Anyone have any experiences with Good Guys Bio-Diesel in Campbell?
  14. LiquidBlackDZL

    AC Overhaul

    I've narrowed down a squealing sound to a bad ac compressor pulley bearing since I recently replaced the idler pulley and in the process noticed that the ac compressor pulley was spinning very freely. The squealing also changes in sound when I turn the AC on. So, I've decided to replace the...
  15. LiquidBlackDZL

    MK4 front hubs/spindles with brake calipers and DM flywheel

    Have these parts which I took off when I upgraded. Don't know what these are worth so send me some reasonable offers. You pay shipping. Front hub/spindles with brake calipers, no rotors Stock dual mass flywheel
  16. LiquidBlackDZL

    Upper and Lower IC Pipes

    I know there are a couple people working on developing and mass producing upper and lower IC pipes for the MK4's, but are there any options CURRENTLY AVAILABLE out there? It doesn't look like dieselgeek has any plans of resurrecting theirs from the dead.
  17. LiquidBlackDZL

    Clinking sound in injector 3

    I installed a new set of injectors with pp502's and heard a clinking sound coming from inj.3. Prior to installaion, I had already noticed that there was something sliding up and down inside inj.3 when I shook it. I was told it was normal and that it would go away after running the car. The sound...
  18. LiquidBlackDZL

    03 Jetta TDI Featured in European Car Magazine

    Any one see Christine Duran's (is she a member here?) 03 Jetta TDI featured in the current issue of European Car Magazine? Is there such a thing as 764 injectors with R520 nozzles? Just something that caught my attention.
  19. LiquidBlackDZL

    Wheel bearing or joint?

    Decided to check my pads today and found them to be pretty thick. Bad news was I discovered the front passenger wheel to be wobbling. I took the wheel off, held the brake rotor with both hands on each side, shook it, and it wobbled. Did the same holding the top and bottom of the rotor and it...