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    Boostgauge a vendre

    Voir lien sur Kijiji:
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    2014 Q5 TDI TCM/TCU location?

    In the Touareg it is under passenger seat. You need to lift carpet to find it. Assume Q5 is similar but not sure.
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    Q7 front suspension clunking and interior exhaust fumes concern

    Ever since the "fix" I have the same exhaust smell but only when during cold weather and on start up / warm up. Once warmed up it goes away. And is non existent during summer months.
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    P229F and Horrid MPG

    Call VWOA or change dealers.
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    Key Fob Removal Difficulty

    Try lightly lubricating the ignition switch maybe?
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    Info utile pour ALH qui pisse de l'huile du valve cover

    Bien fait! Et pour $10 bon prix!
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    Q7 rotors and brakes question

    I am pretty sure it is required to unlock the e-brake.
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    Sold- 2016 A6 Prestige - Ownership Log

    Look further down the line under the car for the sensor. I am pretty sure you will need a delete tune if you remove anything upstream from that sensor. I removed my mufflers, no noticeable difference in power and very little sound increase. I am tuned to ~300hp and 527ft-lbs. There are little...
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    Sold- 2016 A6 Prestige - Ownership Log

    Are you sure it is not hooked up? There is another sensor further down the line (post Ad Blue injection) that may be impacted.
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    2014 Q5 TDI Transmission Fluid/Filter

    How many KMS are you at A1sailor?
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    First Oil Change, cold weather

    125 watts is very low. I think you would need to run it at least 6 hours or constant if extreme cold.
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    Winter Tires for GTA Q5

    Will 17" even clear the brakes? Seems rather small I think. But then again I run stock 20" winter and 21" Q7 wheels summer on my Touareg.
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    Heater control Valve

    Common problem, search on Club Touareg you should find install info.
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    Q5 maintenance and upgrades

    Was more curious if you were going to lower it and go up a wheel size to 20 or 21" My Touareg is lowered 1.5" and running on 21" 295/35/21 tires off Audi Q7. On my A6 I simply removed the mufflers. Very little difference in sound, will do the same on Touareg soon. You may want to save $$ on the...
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    Q5 maintenance and upgrades

    Stock springs and shocks? What size wheels are you running? You may want to consider upgrading suspension and wheels/tires if seeking better handling. Then tune it if you want performance.
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    I have this issue on the Touareg since the recall, only on cold days until the engine warms up. I cannot find any evidence of exhaust leak but is smells fairly strong.
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    Longevity of new DPF, the longer you wait, the longer the new one will last. Providing you plan to keep the car long term it may be worth waiting if your current DPF is working fine. I also wonder what warranty they will offer after replacement?
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    discussion on A8L tdi quattro

    If you are approaching retirement then go ahead and treat yourself! I bought my A6 TDI for my 50th last year and have NO regrets so far. It is by far the best car I have ever owned and driven. The A8 would be awesome in my view! There should still be an emissions warranty due to dieselgate fix...
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    discussion on A8L tdi quattro

    Agree with OIlhammer and the age old saying: "If you couldn't afford it new, you cant afford it used" Unless you are mechanically inclined and have good contacts for parts, or don't mind the occasional expensive repairs. They certainly are awesome drives!
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    I say milk this one for as long as possible if you do not have a CEL and any DPF issues.