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  1. Scott_DeWitt

    WTB B5.5 Passat TDI Torque Converter core

    Needs some B5.5 tdi Torque converter cores.
  2. Scott_DeWitt

    01E tdi hybrid motor from Audi A4 Duo

    I have an extremely rare 01E transaxle mated to a 31KW siemens induction motor which was removed from an Audi A4 duo. Great start for a hybrid A4 or passat etc. Can also configure gearbox to your specs, included is a spare motor. $4500 obo.
  3. Scott_DeWitt

    It hat arrived...

    It hath arrived... So what would you do with a 2007 Audi A8L with a 4.2 Liter diesel? Oh and it only has 7700 miles... It's right hand drive of course..
  4. Scott_DeWitt

    VW going back to Cam belts

    Apparently VW/Audi's use of chains to drive valve train has not worked out well. The newest generation of VW engines will now have belt driven valve trains with a 150,000 mile change interval!! EA211 Uses a Cam Belt From August 2013 issue of Car and Driver magazine: "Until recently a timing...
  5. Scott_DeWitt

    WANTED complete AHU engine

    I'm in need of an AHU/1Z engine or two, needs to be complete with accessories, turbo, pump head etc. I'm not concerned about mileage as I'm going to overhaul it. No major mechanical issues unless it's CHEAP! Will to entertain trades for tdi gearboxes, clutches etc.. or Just cash. Seller needs...
  6. Scott_DeWitt

    Passat/A4 5 speed tdi transmissions

    I'm blowing out my used 5 speed tdi 2wd transmissions, I've got approx 6 in varying codes, great for a B5.5 passat tdi conversion or FWD A4 tdi conversion. I can also piece together conversion kits if you so desire. Cost is $700 plus shipping, and they have been tested on our trans dyno...
  7. Scott_DeWitt

    2000 Audi A4 2.5 tdi quattro RHD for sale

    RHD UK spec 2000 Audi A4 tdi quattro approx 128,000 miles. 6 Speed manual transmission. Vehicle runs/drives, has A/C but it is inoperative. Body is in so-so shape, rust is beginning to form on the hood edges due to harsh UK winters and looks like the hood was replaced at one point in time...
  8. Scott_DeWitt

    TDI quattro Inventory Reduction Sale

    TDI Quattro Transmission Inventory Reduction Sale I'm overstocked with 01E Quattro TDI transmissions and am offering good used units at an outright price. These are USED and not overhauled. Codes are DPJ and DQT. Perfect candiates for an Audi longitudinal (A6,A4) quattro TDI swap. These...
  9. Scott_DeWitt

    BHW Balance Shaft Modules Available

    For those looking for BHW balance shaft modules. I've managed to secure a direct source for them from Europe. It takes about 3 weeks from order date to delivery date to me, but I can get them none the less. These have been on back order in the USA for at least 4 months (and some I've heard as...
  10. Scott_DeWitt

    F/S 00 Audi A4 2.5 tdi engine and 6 speed $5500.00

    I've got a complete 2.5 tdi engine and rebuilt 6 speed quattro transmission for sale. Mileage is ~90,000 miles. 200 hp is a chip tune away. I received the entire car in parts, what is included in the kit is: Engine complete with ancillaries. RHD wiring harness ECM Instrument cluster Shifter...
  11. Scott_DeWitt

    Dieselfication of an Allroad

    Well talk is cheap.. So I went the expensive route. A few weeks back i picked up an Allroad with a tiptronic transmission that has failed to Transmiss. Yesterday got around to removing the offending parts.. Decided to pull the entire engine/transmission and address some oil leaks, clean it up...
  12. Scott_DeWitt

    Southebend Silent Design disc facts

    There have been a few post which imply that myself and another vendor have lied about the Southbend "Silent" full floating discs. So I'll set the record straight. The full floating hub or "Silent" design disc was originally offered for the clutches that utilized a 15/16 23t splined hub (most...
  13. Scott_DeWitt

    A Proper Allroad 3 liter Conversion

    And so it begins... A customer dropped off this while ago: and This: While I waited for this to arrive, liberated from a 2006 A8 tdi with 65,256 miles. The final pieces of the puzzle was this, it was extremely difficult to find: A few days ago, the autotragic's hold was released from...
  14. Scott_DeWitt

    NEW Southbend Clutch Technological Advancements!

    After working with Southbend, by sending them European clutches/flywheel for evaluation, they have come up with some exciting new features for TDI owners. For the 02M (6 speed triple shaft gearbox) Southbend has developed a tuned, and dampened heavy mass flywheel specifically designed to...
  15. Scott_DeWitt

    EURO EEN Audi A4 5 speed transmission

    I've got a European EEN transmission removed from an Audi A4 in my latest shipment. Mileage is 89,569 miles. Cost is $1000.00 plus shipping. Ratios are: 3.50 1.944 1.156 .838 .683 Final 3.70 Great opportunity to put a 5 speed in your Passat! Also can supply the additional conversion parts...
  16. Scott_DeWitt

    Parting 1999 RHD Audi A6 2.5 tdi quattro

    Hello, I've got an RHD 2.5 Audi TDI quattro I'm going to part out, and am judging the interest in the parts and as to how i will import it. It won't be here for a few months, but it is a 99 Audi A6 quattro from the UK. Engine has 140,000 miles. Great opportunity to convert an C5 to a 2.5...
  17. Scott_DeWitt

    Seat Cupra R Lip Spoiler Group Buy

    I've organized a group buy for the Cupra R Lip Spoiler, Cost is $84.00 shipped via ground to the lower 48 states. If you need international shipment plase PM me and I'll work with you on an individual basis. Part number 1ML805903. If you want one please post to this thread or to the one on...
  18. Scott_DeWitt

    Scott's Super Santa SouthBend Specials

    It's that time again to start filling the space under your tree with TDI goodies and as part of the season I'm offering South Bend's series of 5 speed clutches at super special prices. This awesome kit comes with a NEW cast 18lb G60 style flywheel, pressure plate bolts, flywheel bolts, South...
  19. Scott_DeWitt

    02J 5th Gear Lubrication Modification

    Here's an invaluable how to to modify the 02J case in improving lubrication to the 5th gear area. This photo is the case as it is before modification. In the area marked, take a 1/4 inch drill bit and drill holes, pushing to the side to make a large oval for the port in the middle. The final...
  20. Scott_DeWitt

    HPA selling Jeep TDI kits Interesting..