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  1. Bonjonbart

    Feb First Friday...

    :confused: It's not a problem for ME! I have a bucket load of ammunition, :eek:I mean, INFORMATION, from this forum and I never need to say a word.
  2. Bonjonbart

    November 1st Tuesday anyone?

    Is one keg going to be enough? :confused:
  3. Bonjonbart

    New Passat TDI confirmed for U.S.

    :) and :D They'd be so cute together. :rolleyes: I think I could handle it. I told Lug_Nut a couple of months ago that I sometimes wish I had an extra gear.
  4. Bonjonbart

    Big Changes to Car Show Format

    :eek: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! I work every Labor Day Weekend. It's pre-arranged 10 months in advance. You'll have to see a certain white 2 dr Golf in your neighborhood or you can stare at my profile picture until you're all "Golfed" out. :p I'm not sharing it with anyone ... I can barely bring...
  5. Bonjonbart

    VW Morons!

    :D Thank you. Owned: 0.75 years Repairs and maintence: $236
  6. Bonjonbart

    Ho5G Food thread 6.25.2011

    Lug_Nut's donation No, not blood, but I'm writing this for him because he doesn't know what I'm sending to Ho5G in the brown wagon. :p He's bringing chocolate covered peanut butter bars. He will not eat them on the way to NH.
  7. Bonjonbart

    HO5G GTG with Rocketchip June 2011

    :eek: You know - I sneak on here and I think I'm on the Caligula Forum.
  8. Bonjonbart

    HO5G GTG with Rocketchip June 2011

    :) So proud. Yep. He's all mine ....
  9. Bonjonbart

    First Friday 5.6.11

    Mrs. is "in," too.
  10. Bonjonbart

    NH Help?

    You have no idea how happy I was when Jon said "Peter and Julie happened to have the part in stock, and your car is fixed." :eek: I was doing the 1:00 am happy dance. I owe you! And the new seats are coming along - seat guts everywhere, and looking good.
  11. Bonjonbart

    First GTG of 2011 - Ho5G style!

    OH!!! I thought that read BABOONS. :eek: :p "He" just left the driveway and will see you soon enough.
  12. Bonjonbart

    Official New Years Ho5G food Thread

    Lug_Nut is bringing lasagna. It will be meatless, so the vegetarians will have another option.
  13. Bonjonbart

    Lug Nut's tooefed cam thread

    That should read $5,300.00. :(
  14. Bonjonbart

    First GTG of 2011 - Ho5G style!

    ;) That explains everything.
  15. Bonjonbart

    December First Friday

  16. Bonjonbart

    TDIFest 2011 coming to Lexington, KY

    Yep ...
  17. Bonjonbart

    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    You truly ARE a gentleman. :eek:
  18. Bonjonbart

    F/S: 1995 Cabrio TDI, $4800, central MA

    You'll never get behind the wheel again. You'll have to be satisfied with being under the hood. :) Just ask Jon ....;)
  19. Bonjonbart

    SnowCub's Golf Story

    :confused: I'm not listing anything in MY profile. Lug_Nut's listing of MY car in HIS profile is wrong, wrong, wrong. :mad: He's a bad boy. :eek: PS - I'm enjoying all those mods. Lug_Nut has to beg.