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  1. skodawagon

    Skoda Octavia Scout 2008

    Hey, just wondering if any other people on the forum have the same model car as me. My exact model is the 2008 Skoda Octavia Scout, 2L tdi, 6spd manual, 4x4. Please tell me about your experience with the car.
  2. skodawagon

    How can i increase the sound of the Turbo?

    I've heard some now models have a "turbo muffler", i'm not sure if late 2000's models like my car have such a device. I just want to be able to hear my turbo, help please.
  3. skodawagon

    What bhp/torque increase can I predict in these upgrades?

    I have a Skoda Octavia Scout 2008, 2L tdi, 6spd manual. 138 bhp STOCK 320 nm torque STOCK I am getting these performance upgrades: - Cat delete - DPF delete - EGR delete - Stage 2 tune, from a tuner, not a diy box kit or whatever its called - Performance K and N air filter, its not a cai but...