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    FS: AHU complete engine/swap, VNT 17/22, Malone Stage 5, R520s, Trans, Wavetrac, D24

    -AHU Engine- $Sold *Full MK3 based swap available including most if not all of the CE2 dash wiring(way more than you need), full engine harness, MAF, cluster, fuse box, pedal cluster, etc. *Let me know what you need. *Pedal Cluster $75 plus shipping can trim everything but throttle pedal...
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    Parting 1998 Jetta GLX/TDI

    Parting out a Black GLX (TDI converted) I'm keeping the engine, etc for my Rabbit. It has rust on the rockers pretty bad and rear fender lips are crusty. Hood has rust on leading edge, trunk it shot. (have clean one) Front bumper is good but cut for fmic *SOLD H&R Cup kit $sold Black Leather...
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    1Z/AHU Parts FS: Pistons, Rods, ECU, Swap parts

    Clearing out years worth of TDI parts from multiple swaps and projects. Will make deals on multiple parts. Ask if you are looking for something. Prices are plus shipping unless otherwise marked. AHU Injection pump, approx. 190k, no issues $200 Injection pump hard lines $40 shipped x1 AHU...
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    FS: A3/B4 ECU metal case "JB"

    I have a stock ecu from a 1998 Jetta TDI in good working order. Its part#028 906 021 JB $200 shipped in the US.
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    11mm IP, JB ECU, machined 1Z/AHU pump mount

    *Prices are plus shipping. 11mm ALH Injection pump. This pump has a bad QA. The guy I bought it from on bought this pump and took the good QA so it should be fine otherwise. Its clean inside and out. I have no other history on the pump. $350 SOLD Machined 1Z/AHU injection pump bracket for...
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    Custom geared O2J, peloquin, southbend stg.III

    I had this built to run in my TDI swapped coupe but the car has been sold. This O2J is based on MK4 1.8T gearing which is longer alowing for much better use of massive torque. I had a 3.16 final drive from a (CTN) swapped in with a peloquin diff. It has 1.8t 1st through 5th gears. **Note it has...
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    A3/B4, Engine brackets, Ex.manifold, Intercooler tubing

    From AHU/1Z code engine. All prices are without shipping. TDI Injection pump bracket, good for ALH pump swap without down time: SOLD TDI Alternator/accessory bracket:$SOLD TDI Exhaust manifold: $SOLD A3 TDI alumium intercooler tube. Plastic tubes are gone: SOLD TDI inlet tube..note one washer...
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    WTB: AHU/1Z injector lines, #3 or All

    My #3 injector line sprung a leak. These are the metal lines that go from the IP to the injectors. Must be from a AHU or 1Z code TDI. I'll buy a full set if you don't want to separate. Need these ASAP.
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    QA interchange? 1Z/AHU/ALH

    Does anybody know if you can use a 1Z/AHU quantity adjuster on an ALH pump? I know you can use an ALH pump on a 1Z/AHU and varios other pump parts interchange but I don't know about this.
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    WTB: MK3 cluster

    Looking for a US version in good working shape. Must be a TDI version. Let me know what you have. Thanks,
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    A2 TDI tach options?

    I have a 1991 GTI with an AHU in it and I want to get a working tach in there. I want to keep the A2 dash and cluster if possible. Has anybody used a signal converter with success with this cluster? I can trigger off the W terminal or the ecu rpm signal. Dakota digital has a box for each...
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    RPM while cranking?

    Should you be able to see rpm while cranking with a Vag Com? I have a no start condition with no codes related to the crank position sensor or anything else critical. (egr, glow plug light) Actually even with the sensor unplugged I get no codes either. While cranking the measuring blocks read...
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    fuel shutoff valve normally grounded?

    I was testing my spare fuel shut off solenoid last night and ran accross something I'm not sure about. When you apply 12V it clicks and works correctly. When you remove 12V the terminal post where you attach the wire is grounded. This is probably normal for a solenoid like this but I wanted...
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    WTB:MK3 ecu "JB" need asap

    I need an ecu asap part#028 906 021 JB. This ecu will be in A3 or MK3 Jettas.. maybe others. Thanks! Got One. Thanks!
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    WTB:Good A3/B4 MAF

    I'm looking for a good working pierburg MAF sensor from an A3 or B4 TDI. Let me know what you have. Got One. Thanks!
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    FS:1Z Pistons and Rods

    These came from an engine with unknown miles. It did not have any major failure it was just torn down to be rebuilt and I used a set of ALH pistons I had instead. The parts were just wiped off and have not been cleaned yet. Rods: SOLD Pistons: $150 shipped
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner - VW TDI powered- NY

    Well the time has come I think. I've put alot of time an money into this truck but I have other projects waiting and I want less than six cars. The body is from Maryland via Ohio. The frame is really solid, it does have surface rust. The body is rattle canned flat tan and the 1/4s could use...
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    WTB: B4 front crossmember

    I'm looking for a B4 Passat front crossmember aka engine carrier. This is the metal peice that bolts the frame rails and houses the front engine mount. Thanks!
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    A3/B4 Air temp sensor? Leave it hanging?

    Would there be any harm in leaving this sensor out of the intercooler tubing? I would leave the sensor plugged in but not installed the intercooler tube. I wondering what affect this would have?
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    1Z/AHU Intake and exhaust manifolds, IC tubing

    These parts are from a 1Z with 180km on it. Shipping prices are in the lower 48, I will ship to Canada, etc but the price will go up a bit. I can email pics on request. Exhaust manifold is in good shape, all studs intact. $75 Shipped EGR tube from exhaust manifold to Intake manifold (not...