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  1. Getriebe Guy

    Free Mk4 ALH 1JO 937 550 battery top fuse boxes

    2 free (you pay shipping from 48128) fuse boxes that go on top of battery P/n 1J0 937 550 Both have small melt holes in cover from overheating but can be fixed or you can use the fuses that are in them.
  2. Getriebe Guy

    Mk4 Euro Switch

    VW dealer part Mk4 Euro Switch for sale. send email to tidygarage at if interested and make me an offer I can't refuse
  3. Getriebe Guy

    A4 Bosch Alternator New in metro Detroit $300 obo

    New Bosch alternator for A4 $300 or best offer. In metro Detroit.
  4. Getriebe Guy

    Wanted: A/C parts 03 Jetta TDI

    need good deal on A/C condenser, dryer, etc. for fixing A/C on 2003 Jetta TDI plus advice/guidance on how to fix (links n stuff) Thx in advance
  5. Getriebe Guy

    Wanted: A/C parts 03 Jetta TDI

    need good deal on A/C condenser, dryer, etc. for fixing A/C on 2003 Jetta TDI plus advice/guidance on how to fix (links n stuff) Thx in advance
  6. Getriebe Guy

    Help I ran my car out of fuel

    I ran by 01 Jetta TDI out of fuel today. I know this can be a bad thing I hope it is not too bad. I searched but found little or nothing. I remember reading some info on how to fix it a couple of years ago but can't find it now. How do I address this? The car got towed home and is sitting...
  7. Getriebe Guy

    FS: A4 Brake Master Cylinder

    Brake master cylinder from A4 TDI. My mechanic replaced it but there was nothing wrong with it the problem was the booster and pedal. $40 or best offer. tidygarage@gmaildotcom email
  8. Getriebe Guy

    2001 Golf GLS TDI for sale

    2001 Golf GLS TDI 4 door. About 220,000 miles. Timing belt, pump, etc. professionally done by TDI expert at 180,000 miles. Automatic trans fluid changed by TDI expert (magnet was clean) at 190,000 miles. More facts: Car in SE Michigan metro Detroit area Black exterior/Gray interior Automatic...
  9. Getriebe Guy

    Buying a TDI in Canada and registering/driving it in Michigan

    I've imported two cars and plan to do another soon I've imported 2 Toyotas from Windsor to Detroit and will be bringing across a BMW soon. There are some hoops to jump through but it is doable. I had to get manufacturers letters on both cars that I brought across that showed they met EPA/DOT...
  10. Getriebe Guy

    Rear Hatch on 01 Golf Won't Open ..Help

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try to do it tomorrow.
  11. Getriebe Guy

    Rear Hatch on 01 Golf Won't Open ..Help

    OK I searched the forum and it appears I need to break plastic interior panel and get at the latch which has some linkage that is likely broken??
  12. Getriebe Guy

    Rear Hatch on 01 Golf Won't Open ..Help

    The rear hatch on my 01 Golf doesn't open since mid-winter when it was really cold. Any help on how to troubleshoot/fix this would be appreciated.
  13. Getriebe Guy

    car just broke down in Windsor -help with where to get it fixed

    my wife just broke down in Windsor (we live in Michigan) with her 03 Jetta TDI. No clutch friction. I felt a hitch in the clutch a couple days ago and called Marty Bergel to get the car in for repair and I know he is booked up for a month or so. Anybody have advice on where to get it fixed...
  14. Getriebe Guy

    Check engine light on '01 Golf

    go to Autozone and have them run the code I've been to autozone 6-8 times to have codes run and they are always very helpful. Once you get the code the people on the forum can help you. Autozone stock price AZO is ripping up so maybe good customer service is paying off for them. I had a bad...
  15. Getriebe Guy

    What did you do to your car today?

    Fixed my sunroof leaks I fixed my sunroof drain issues on my 01 Golf: Here's how to clean sunroof drain drains: Here's how I did it. Maybe somebody already posted this but if not hope it helps. I was not having any luck getting the string trimmer line through the drains it was too flexy...
  16. Getriebe Guy

    Heated seats.......

    Can you sell or return the OEM wire harness and switches and use the wiring that comes with the aftermarket switches? For me saving a couple hundred bucks and getting a hotter seat (my aftermarket heat pads get hotter than my wife's OEM heated seats) was worth having an aftermarket heated seat...
  17. Getriebe Guy

    Heated seats.......

    I did a search of 1stVWparts and the cloth elements are like twice as expensive. Does what element really have to do with the material or the shape of the seat? I have cloth seats now in my 01 Wolfsburg, but I want to get new leather upholstery installed. I want to add the heated elements and...
  18. Getriebe Guy

    Fog Lights

    I think they are about $16 each for the grilles at 1stvwparts. I've got some small optilux fogs I want to mount into modified stock grilles. If you do this please share how you you modified the grilles to get the fog lights in there.
  19. Getriebe Guy

    What to do with old alternator?

    I'll see if the auto electric shop near me can tell me where to get it rebuilt for cheap then I would have a backup.