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  1. yakko

    028 105 243 T Febi Crank pully

    Has any one used this Chinese part from Febi??
  2. yakko

    Lifter still making noise!

    Well, a new cam and lifters did not help my engine ticking noise. I think I need to do an oil pressure test. Any one have a bad injector? My ID motor made a nasty knock when it had a bad injector. Maybe I have a bad injector. This is getting to be a bummer. Well, I'll find the cause of...
  3. yakko

    Pulled my lifters today!

    They don't look to bad. But one or two were making some noise when the engine warmed up. Here are some pics. Some small dents in the top. :rolleyes:
  4. yakko

    Vag-com setting for 1z B4

    Any one know which engine setting you use for the timing? The 1z + industrial come to mind. :o Thanks
  5. yakko

    Lifter calapse today!

    Hey Abacus, Who makes a good cam shaft and lifters? I lucked out that the timing belt is due. How hard is it to get the lifters out? Thanks in advance:confused:
  6. yakko

    Alignment problems

    Has anyone had their rack move causing alignment problems? I think my rack is moving. It makes no noises though. Tomorrow I'm going to change the bolts and see if it's moved. I have all new A arm bushings. Thanks in advance:confused:
  7. yakko

    Boost gauge housing?

    I'm interested in mounting a boost gauge. I can't find any gauge housings for the Passat except for a VDO round housing. Any body have some pics. I know some one must have some cool place for the gauge.:confused: Thanks in advance. Randy
  8. yakko

    Lizzard skin

    Any one use this in their car interior? It's supposed to be good for quieting down the car inside.
  9. yakko

    AHU/1Z What's the difference?

    I looked for some info with search and did not find any thing. What are the pros and cons? IPs the same? Thanks Randy
  10. yakko

    Intake cleaning

    There is so much on intake cleaning. Is there a good non damaging fluid to soak the intake in?? Like the carb parts cleaner? Thanks
  11. yakko

    popping noise on the strut

    My 97 B4 has this popping noise every couple of turns. I replaced the upper bushings and bearings and it's still there. Maybe the metal spring top holder is causing some binding on the strut bearing. Hummmmm!:confused:
  12. yakko

    Implausable error Maf?

    Can the little pressure tube in the computer cause this if it has a hole? Thanks
  13. yakko

    No reverse

    I did a search and found little. The 13mm bolt is tight and the plastic shift rod seems good. Is there somthing in the shift tower that can do this?:confused: Thanks
  14. yakko

    Found new replacment B4 no reverse

    Well I found my next B4 project.:) I'll be looking for interior parts now. I have to de-mouse poop it first. Ufortunatly the interier will have to go I'm pretty sure. The body is in good shape. I think the engine is ok. But, It won't go in reverse. The shift cables look ok. The thirteen mm...
  15. yakko

    Many more TDIs in craiges list lately

    I have noticed a nice selection of TDIs in Craigs list for sale. Even the new ones are going on sale. I wonder if people are going more for eco boost crap.:rolleyes:
  16. yakko

    Cam shaft oil leak has new seal 1Z motor

    I replaced the leaking cam shaft oil seal. I used the VW special oil seal tool. It still leaks. It's a small leak. Could there be a worn out cam at 136,000 miles? :confused: Thanks Randy
  17. yakko

    B4 axle help

    Any one now the inner axle side diameter of the passenger side axle. Bet ya can't say that three times in a row:eek: Mine is an inch. Is this right? The boot I bought looks like it's for 3/4 of an inch.:confused: Thanks
  18. yakko

    Turbo maybe leaking oil internaly

    I took my intake apart and the intake side to the turbo had about a cup of oil in it. Could the oil be coming from the valve cover vent pipe? I also noticed some oil on the out side of the turbo body intake side. The car has only 136,000 on it. That is supposedly :confused:. Just trying to...
  19. yakko

    Abacus What kind of pin pushers did you buy?

    Abacus What kind of pin extractors did you buy? I saw the post some where.:confused: I want to get a set myself. Thanks:)
  20. yakko

    Stock pistons for 1Z

    I'm about to refresh my 96 B4. Has any one done a stock motor? I will need a new set of pistons. The car has 417,000 miles and smokes all the time. It burns about a quart in 800 miles. I think it's getting tired. I hate to go to the dealer. I don't know how good the remand VW long blocks...