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  1. Satiro

    WINOLS: Extending Diagnostics Limits. Msa15 ECU 028906021EK

    HI there, i'm modifying the ECU file with Winols beacouse a slow down sudder issue after the ASV injection pump installation. Several months ago i read a tutorial wrote by Nexus (thanks to Nexus for this great tutorial) in ecuconnections, he explains how to extend the limits for the...
  2. Satiro

    IP camplate position

    Hi there, i just disassembled my injection pump beacouse a no start situation, timing piston was not working properly. It was seized, and the roller ring was stuck by some dirt. I cleaned all the parts and reassemble all again. My doubt is about the camplate position, it can be installed in two...
  3. Satiro

    Pre-Heating system from Audi A4 AFN

    Hi there, i bought one used head from an Audi A4, AFN engine. It has a preheating system in the water inlet on head. It has 3 little glow plugs for heating the coolant. It seems a good thing for heating coolant faster, i hate time engine takes for warm up to optimal temp. It has three...
  4. Satiro

    Wanted: Pd100 rods

    Hi there! I need one set of PD100 rods. I'm looking for someone that had installed Rosten's and have the old PD100 rods for sale. Thanks in advance, best regards:)
  5. Satiro

    Actual Ign.Timing retarded issue

    Hi all! I have a timing retarded issue, if i log channel 4, actual timing doesn't match with specified, it's always below of it. I have static timing fully advanced, and dynamic is at 32768 in Vagcom. Relief valve has a welding on it, all its guts are in their place. No clogged intake, no...
  6. Satiro

    Porting an AFN head

    Hi, i'm in the process of porting the head. I spent all this morning working on one exhaust port only. How far have i to work on it? Overlaying the intake gasket, i can see little material on corners of each port, can i smooth them to match with gasket? THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
  7. Satiro

    VR6 spindle in TDI for restoring the suspension geometry?

    I need to lower LCA's around 30-40mm for having them at stock angle. Looking spindles pictures, VR6 spindle seems to have the balljoint support lower than the TDI spindle: VR6 TDI Can i press in TDI wheel bearing and 4x100 hub in vr6 spindle? will fit the VR6 balljoints in TDI's control arms?
  8. Satiro

    Dashboard swap (MK3)

    I don't know where's the correct place for this thread, excuse me if it's in wrong forum. I did this mod 3 months ago, but i forgot to post it. Maybe this thread be more for the european guys, who have Golf MK3 and Seat Ibiza 6K too. The plastic parts are a lot better, no horrible plastic...
  9. Satiro

    WTB: PD100 piston rods

    I will go to install PD150 pistons soon, but i can't to spend a lot of money in rostens by now... I need one used set of PD100 rods for the rebuilt work. If there's somebody with a PD100 car and Rostens installed and have old rods for sale, please, send me a PM. THANKS
  10. Satiro

    Rally tie rod ends for MK3 MK4

    Looking for some tie rod ends upgrade for MK3, i found them in google. Unibal and Durbal are manufacturers that are making them. Benefits and improvements are supposed... is there any negative effect for to use it? what are the maintenance specifications?
  11. Satiro

    Smaller oil filter

    I'm in the way of installing a sandwich plate and oil cooler in my engine. Is there any problem for using a smaller oil filter? AGR filter instead of AFN? i guess i will change it every oil change, but is there any real issue for using it? THANKS
  12. Satiro

    Wtb: Pd100 rods

    Hi all, i will install PD150 pistons in my AFN and i need PD100 rods...Regards:)
  13. Satiro

    MKIV Seats

    Hi, is possible to install MK4 seats in MK3? are they plug&play? I want to put MK4 seats beacouse they are a lot stiff than MK3s...if it isn't possible i will install MK3 recaro heated leather seats, what car/model have them?
  14. Satiro

    PD130 Fuel cooler in VE engine?

    Changing a clutch on a Golf PD130 other day i could see that these cars have a fuel cooler under the car... can i install one of those coolers in my VE engine? is cooler installed in the return lines to tank? Thanks again,:)
  15. Satiro

    Anti-shudder valve in mk3?

    I will going to install a PD150 it possible to install an antishudder valve in my AFN engine if i install that manifold? if yes, how to make it work? Thanks:)
  16. Satiro

    PD130 clutch and flywheel change questions...

    Hi friends, i'm here again after a lot of time... i had several personal issues and i had no time for my car and Tdiclub... I'm happy again!:) I have to change clutch and flywheel of a PD130 golf from a friend...I need a little help, my car is a MK3 and has different engine mounts, and i...
  17. Satiro

    ABS/EDL installation in MK3

    Hi guys, I have one MK3 AFN(11/1997) and i want to upgrade my brakes system, i want to install brembo 4 pot calipers, but my car hasn't ABS... There's cars like mine with ABS, i have the ABS room in cluster but no wire, no light...I read in other pages that people install a 4-channel ABS/EDL...
  18. Satiro

    MK20 ABS/ASR/EDL pump in MK3...

    Hi, i want to upgrade my brakes system... I read in other pages that people install a 4-channel ABS/EDL from Passat/golf GLX VR6 1995-1999
  19. Satiro

    AFN rebuild: ALH parts?

    I want to rebuild my engine internals: rods,pistons,rings,valves,guides,lifters,camshaft and other parts...I will buy Rosten rods and Nural pistons for my goal... Are the ALH head parts(valves,guides,camshaft,lifters...) the same than AFN parts? Rosten and Tdi-parts sells a lot of ALH parts at...
  20. Satiro

    Heater leather seats...

    I have one full set of leather seat covers from VW golf mk2 cabrio mounted in my mk3 seats. They are very cold in winter, i woul like to have heater seats... Is possible to install heater from other seats in mines or have i to buy heater seats? how to connect them? is necessary another...