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    Rubber in engine mounts

    Just wondering... Is the rubber in the OEM engine/transmission mount harder/stiffer or softer in a diesel, compared to a petrol engine? They seem to have different part numbers in many applications. :confused:
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    Climatronic login code?

    Does anyone know the log in code to access the Mk 4 Climatronic module EEPROM? Trying to compare various dumps between the different Mk 4 and Passat units. :)
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    Biodiesels pollute more than crude oil, leaked data show Not forgetting that the whole argument is based on the false assumption that so-called "greenhouse gas emissions" affect the environment is valid. :rolleyes: Carbon Tax is just another TAX :mad:
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    Any Passat owners want a FUNK switch?

    There is one on German ebay at the moment! Not sure if its red or green illumination though. :) Edit: Let me just clarify I have nothing to do with this German auction. I just saw it. My...
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    Climatronic idea - what do you think?

    I was sitting in a new BMW 135i Coupe the other day which is fitted with that regenerative braking system. BMW seem to have the confidence that the battery won't go as flat as soon because of this, so you can sit in the car with the ignition off and still have the ventilation fans running.:cool...
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    VDSPro Wish list of mods - any information on these??

    Make a wish come true :p Electric Windows work until "Last door closed", not "First Door Opened" It has been touched on in the main thread, but no definitive bit address posted. Anyone found this yet? :confused: Dim UP interior lights Reported in Audi TT and Audi A3, but I don't think they...
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    OEM+ Audi High Intensity LED hatch light mod

    Fitted a special Audi High Intensity LED boot ("trunk" for my US brethren) light today...about 3 times the light output of the stock bulb. Can even see what's in the left storage compartment! :) It is the light that goes in the 2010 R8 front luggage compartment. Also some TT's have them as...
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    A Source for VW terminals.

    In case anyone is interested in buying loose electrical terminals to make up harnesses etc I have found this place in England that has most in stock: These terminals apply mainly to Passat 3B and Golf IV style contacts. Amended link...
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    Some interesting factory electrical relays I have found

    I have been doing some wiring projects and have found various factory relays that can be used (if you want to go OEM style), that of course are designed and tested to be used in the car environment. These all plug into the standard VW relay boxes First up we have: Relay "79" - 191 927 841...
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    Memory seats on both sides of car

    Has anyone installed a second memory module and switchgear in the passenger side electric seat as well? I am just wondering whether it could be rigged up just to control the seat without attaching mirror connections etc and would work okay for just programming the 3 buttons. I am thinking...
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    Seat belt buckle wires

    Does anybody know precisely where the wires connected to the seat belt buckle go to? I am seeking information on the complete circuit. :)
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    86S contact for glovebox light

    Hi, everyone, Is it possible to wire the glovebox light power to the 86s circuit instead of the 75x Ignition as it is currently on my car? Would it be okay to tap directly into this circuit to power the 3W bulb, or would that be too much load on that circuit? Seems to have fairly thick...
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    Rain Sensor for REAR wiper.

    Found this rather interesting item tonight: Rain sensor control of rear wiper sweep...even uses factory parts (except for the control module). Also has an optional reverse gear sensor to operate wiper when in reverse (if its raining and the...
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    Factory Nav connection question.

    I recently bought an MCD "C" unit off ebay. I just unplugged my single DIN Gamma and plugged in the MCD, which has the same connectors (Black and Brown ISO 8 pins). Plus stuck a horsepill GPS up under the dash on the steel crossbar. Interestingly the navi seems to function perfectly with...
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    Indicator/Cruise Control Stalks question

    Hi, Has anyone ever dismantled these stalks to see whats inside them? I am hoping to place a "reset button" off of the bottom of the indicator stalk into the equivalent blank spot on the bottom of the Cruise Control I have an extra working button. Are there just wires running...
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    Skoda Puddle Light Retrofit

    Retrofitting Puddle lights What are Puddle Lights? Puddle lights are LEDs built into the exterior mirror housing, which shine on the ground surrounding the door. The Mark IV Golf/Jetta/B5 Passat application parts come from the first generation Skoda Superb (Octavia I) They only fit the...
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    Chinese Passat Lingyu goodies

    Yes, the interior is a dredged up Skoda Superb (nothing wrong with that:) ), but check out the goodies: The nice Aisin manufactured Sat Nav....why can't VW make a Euro version of this...just a couple of buttons and some software upgrading...jeez:mad...
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    Power seat question in Mk IV (A4)

    Hi guys, If one was to retrofit power seats, could one just use the passenger seat controls on the drivers seat ( I mean fit a RHD passenger seat control to a LHD drivers seat, instead of the multicontrol with the 4 buttons). I presume the passenger seat controls are just to adjust up/down...
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    Question about VDS-Pro coding of alarm delay.

    Hi Just have a question about programming the alarm delay. I understand how to do it, however I have a question about the actual operation of the vehicle alarm afterwards. My understanding is that, if you open the vehicle with the key, you then must place the key in the ignition and start...
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    Question regarding MCD sat nav

    I have a 2004 R32 with single DIN Gamma and FIS cluster (immo 3) I have single DIN connectors on my radio with GALA wire and illumination (not the Quadlock like the US R32) I wish to install MCD and have directions in FIS. Does anyone know the difference between the 1J0 035 191 A and 1J0...