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    Glow Plug actuation question

    In a 6 speed manual TDI, does the glow plug start heating once the ignition is turned on, or does it get current only after the clutch AND the "engine start stop" button are depressed?
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    Kawasaki Mule diesel

    I have a utility vehicle with a 3 cylinder diesel. Right about 19 years old. Battery is about 2 months old. When starting, the glow plug light turns on, and disappears and turn the key and the motor starts, just like a diesel. Today, when the glow plug went out and I turned the key to engage the...
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    Ed's aftermarket headlight, LED low and high beams, without self leveling feature

    I just installed Ed's headlights and need to adjust the height of the beam. Attached is a photo of what it looks like.
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    Coolant after run pump

    My coolant recently started going low. Noticed it in the past month. Today while changing oil I noticed coolant leaking from the belly cover. Looks like the pump located next to the crankcase is leaking. How involved is it to change this?
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    Auxiliary lights

    I am looking for ways to improve illumination without causing undue glare and would appreciate suggestions on where to mount auxiliary lights. My car has a bra and I thought of putting lights behind the air intake below the grill. Are there mounting points in this area? Thank you in advance.
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    Turbocharger temperature during regeneration

    I am trying to find information on what the temperature is in the turbocharger during regeneration cycles while the car idles.
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    Brake bleeding.

    I have a Motive Product bleeder and was told I will need the VCDS to bleed the brakes and open up the ABS module to get the old brake fluid out. UNLESS I am able to achieve 2 bar of pressure (pressure will apparently "open" the ABS module). How complicated is this process?
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    Spacer, Geometry, & suspension wear

    How much more strain is exerted to suspension linkages when using spacers? Wondered if there is "wiggle space", as in limits.
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    Big Brake upgrade

    What is the largest big brake upgrade that can still allow use of the space saver spare tire?
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    Windshield thickness

    Took a boulder to the windshield this past weekend. Cracked the glass full thickness. The only reason it held together I guess is the tint. The Safelite tech showed me that my windshield thickness was pretty thin, and thickness varies from one car manufacturer to the other; he had a load of...
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    Hill Holder

    On my 2500 mile mark with this joy of a wagon. Am I imagining it or is there a "Hill Holder" feature in this car? Seems to hold for a second then releases it?
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    Cooling fan

    I am on my 3rd day of using the car. Is it normal for the cooling fan to stay on for about 3-5 minutes after the engine is turned off? It was used in stop and go traffic for about 7 out of the 14 mile commute. Ambient temperature was about 60F. The last 7 miles of the commute was on sections...
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    Dash indicators and the "upshift" prompt.

    Does the DSG upshift following those parameters?
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    Door latch and lever

    The lever inside the car used to engage the latch mechanism to open the door immediately. There has been a progressively longer excursion now on the lever before the engagement occurs. The rear door cannot open from the inside. Someone suggested oiling the latch. Is there an instructional thread...
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    Greater Miami, Ft. Lauderdale area

    Any trusted mechanics in these areas for B5's?
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    This may be useful info for some who are looking to get a new clutch for their manual transmission. 240 mm 30 lbs SMF Clutchmaster 240 mm FX 300 Kevlar Had vwztips do the upgrade. Absolutely delighted with the outcome: buttery smooth shifting. Mine has a stage 2 and the old clutch was...
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    I just found out that sun visors in most VW's telescope from the pivot and extend sun protecting, Mine don't telescope. Are there specific models that do and don't? I tried to get both of mine to extend and I ended pulling out the visor and the female part which separated from the pivot.
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    Ambient temperature and fuel economy

    Am I just imagining this, or is there an inverse correlation between very hot ambient temperatures and fuel economy? Seems to me the B5 is happiest when it's around 70F, not 99F.
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    P2432 error code

    Hi. Is the P2432 error code universally an exhaust system related problem? If so, and my car has less than 60k, should the dealer take care of this under warranty?
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    Maintenance and "due diligence"

    How many routinely changed out waterpumps on a B5 as part of preventive maintenance as part of a timing belt change? What about serpentine belts? Do you look for obvious signs of wear such as hairline cracks on the belt before changing it out? Thanks. 280K miles.