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    WTB: MK4 passenger side mirror

    Mom clipped a pole, or something. Need passenger side mirror for 2003 Jetta, black would be ideal. Power and heated. Thank you
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    MKIV Jetta lay flat vents - ONLY side vents

    Have Jetta "lay flat" vents for the driver's and passenger side. NO CENTER VENTS Driver's side comes with headlight switch. Both vents come with proper wiring. Please check out my craigslist or eBay ads as I'm too lazy to upload images to host site and then add coding here. Thank you...
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    Anyone have a lead on a plug connector or pigtail?

    Back to messing with my 1997 Boxster. Finally tracked down those pesky pin connectors. In the process of removing all the old pins from the plastic connector thing, I buggered it up pretty decently. There's a VW part# on it, but Googling it barely turns up any results even worth skimming over...
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    Sunroof cover / sunshade MKIV

    I have a sunroof sliding cover removed from a 2002 Golf 4-door. I took it because it was in much nicer condition than mine (the UV exposure makes the slotted plastic 'handle' part very brittle and weak), but I didn't get around to re-covering it to match my headliner. Which is a plus because...
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    Complete ALH 5-speed swap, 164k miles - Wash DC

    ***SOLD*** I'm moving on from my 2000 ALH, and I'm cleaning house. All parts pulled from the same car - 2000 Jetta in green with 164k miles. The owner showed me it ran and drove, and I pulled everything myself. Complete swap - Transmission, shifter box, linkage, both axles still bolted up...
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    2000 4-dr Golf auto, 162k. Comes with 5spd swap - Wash DC

    Car sold locally for $2400. ***5spd swap has been sold, and is no longer available*** My best friend and I are very likely going to snatch up a couple of buy-back TDIs to serve us while establishing our careers. As a result, I'm doing the prep work for that, which includes saying goodbye to...
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    Need a very specific wire pin terminal - any ideas?

    TL:DR - I need a very specific pin terminal, for less than $3/ea. Refer to picture at bottom. At this point, it's likely I'm certifiably crazy... I bought a 1997 Porsche Boxster project. The door locks and fob didn't work. So, naturally, I dove in. Re-doing the D/L module on my Golf 1 week...
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    Something...alive in my HVAC ducting

    My 2000 Golf has become my daily driver. And I do drive it daily. All has been calm. But this evening, I was making my 200 mile trip back to school. To keep the cabin decently warm, I turn the temp dial 80% to hot, fan on 1, with re-circ off. About 1 hour in, I hear an odd scratching noise...
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    WTB: ASV plunger, heat shield, other misc items

    All parts needed for 2000 Golf ALH Broke my ASV plunger nipple off during some recent work. TDIs are not common in my local junkyards. Let me know if you have a good replacement. Need heat shield wrapping around passenger CV axle. Would like a nicer condition steering wheel. Possibly nice...
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    Bilstein question - and what springs if I don't want lift?

    Planning out my suspension overhaul in conjunction with my 5 speed swap. Struts, springs, bushings, ball joints, tie rods, etc. I'm having trouble figuring out what coil springs I want. The Moog 81134 springs keep popping up everywhere... Rockauto, IDparts, here on the forum, etc. And it's...
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    2003 2.0 failing fuel pump?

    I picked up a 2003 Jetta with the 2.0 (AVH? I think) and 5speed. Car only has 110k but has some odd issues. First, it has an issue between the gas tank, gauge, and pump. I’ve found that the car runs out of gas when the gauge shows ~1/8 tank left. Low fuel light does not come on. When...
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    ‘01 Forester making WHOMP-WHOMP noise in rear after new brakes

    I did pads and rotors all around on a 2001 Subaru Forester for a woman I do a lot of work for. I took it for a test drive after and it makes a very odd WHOMP WHOMP noise in the rear when making a tight turn. 80% sure it’s from rear passenger wheel area. I took the rear brakes apart several...
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    01m auto trans w/all associated parts (take offs from 5 speed swap)

    Going to 5-speed swap my 2000 Golf, but have not yet done the work. All A/T related parts will be up for grabs. Car is currently 100% put together, running and driving. 159k miles. Transmission is in good condition overall, not perfect. I've been driving 250 miles each way to school, weekly for...
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    Pulling a manual trans, anything special I should get?

    I found a guy parting out a 2003 Jetta with 164,000 miles. He has struck me as very honest and trustworthy. And he's asking peanuts for the parts. He bought the car at auction, and promises it goes in all the gears properly, and does not grind in any shifts he's done, but openly tells me he's...
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    Bottom 2 inches of front windows hazy? & FCAs reversible?

    The bottom 2 inches of both of my front windows are hazy/cloudy. I can't clean it up. Hard to pick up in photos, but looks very grubby in person. I originally assumed it had to do with a PO being a smoker, but I saw someone mention something about the plastics "ungassing"? Which would make...
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    Driver's floor constantly wet, can't find any clogged drains

    Driver's carpet is ranges from constantly damped, so just plain soaked. I have poured several cups of water in my sunroof, and it immediately rushes out of the nipples in door jambs. I have poured several cups of water on windshield, windshield cowl (on driver's wiper blade), and on the...
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    What is typical boost lag on these cars?

    As I'm trying to iron out the last few kinks with my 2000 Golf, I've definitely noticed turbo lag. Understandable, I know turbo cars have lag, but I'm very unfamiliar with what is normal or what is concerning. Can someone give me a rundown please? Thanks.
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    "Most users ever online" record recently broken by almost 2x??

    I'm kinda nerdy, and sometimes pay attention to the "most users ever online" or "number of users currently online" counters at the bottom of the home page. I had noticed that the counter had peaked around ~8000 back in 2015. This made sense to me, as (looking back as a newcomer) I figured TDI...
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    Front spring broke. What's the best course?

    2003 Jetta wagon, 57k miles. All original. Old lady owned, dealer maintained. Woman died, car was sitting for a while. And I cold-approached the house where it was sitting in the driveway, unmoved, for weeks. I buy it and negotiate under the "factors unknown" scenario. Drive it away, it...
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    2000 Jetta parts car, 164k near Pittsburgh

    I found a 2000 Jetta ALH w/164k on Craigslist being parted out. I want the transmission, but the seller doesn't want to remove the trans until the engine is sold, so that the buyer can hear the engine start up, rev, and even move around. The car is still in "running, driving" condition. It was...