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    WTB engine harness for 2001/02 alh

    Titli says most looking for clean, not hacked
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    Sputtering ALH

    I have a car in my shop I am trying to diagnose. 1999 Jetta, 259k. Start the car and it revs fine. Hit the road and put a load on it, it looses power and sputters badly. Intake is clean compared to most I have seen, new fuel filter. Vac lines are recent and look to be correct. Checked MAF in...
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    Diagram no longer available

    There was a diagram available here that listed all of the pinouts of the ALH plenum plugs and the 14 pin connector in the engine harness. I have used this several times in swaps and was a really good reference. Unfortunately my printout of it was damaged and tossed out. I'll just print out...
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    WTB B5.5 vacuum line

    I'm doing a tdi swap in a b5 A4 audi quattro. Would really like to have as correct vacuum line as possible. Anyone parting out a BHW car? Need the line from the vacuum pump all the way to the brake booster.
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    Wacky windows

    Ok here is the story, and yes I have searched extensively. My latest mk4...wait I have bought another since...anyway, is a 2003 jetta gls wagon. Bought with timing belt failure, installed New motor and 5 speed swap. Knew I'd have some electrical gremlins but I'd address those when I got it...
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    WTB 03 ALH Crank position sensor...left coast

    As the title states. Have 01 AND 02.....REALLY DONT WANT TO CHANGE THE PLUG....PM ME
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    ALH engine harness to CE2 fusebox

    A while back somebody posted a wiring diagram to mate ALH harness to ce2 fuse box. I have searched and searched and can't seem to find it. If anyone remembers this, please post a link. Thanks a bunch
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    Shifting gear issue

    First of all, you are in the wrong forum....I'd say you need a clutch.
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    WTB mk4 tdi engine harness

    As the title states. Needed for one of my projects. Need complete engine harness unplugged from the plenum in the rain tray. Also need the wires to the DBW pedal with the plug. LMK
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    High idle

    I have been helping my son on his A4 audi quattro swap. 99 A4, 97 b4 engine (1z) trans and afn turbo from Franz, running engine management from 99.5 Jetta. As you can figure there have been some issues to sort, most are done. The car is running and driving, ( just got a text it just made it's...
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    Working 01M in Nor cal

    In the next week, I will be pulling a good 01m from an 02 wagon. Bought the car with engine issues, will be installing another engine and doing a 5 speed swap at the same time. Trans was rebuilt, car has 230k, 40k on trans. Not really sure how to price this, so let's try $750 plus the ride. If I...
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    California Diesel Conversions

    In a conversation with another forum member here, he states he was told by BAR (bureau of automotive repairs) he would not be able to get signed off on a conversion, even using a newer motor. Since I am no stranger to stuffing motors in cars where they don't really belong, I would like to here...
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    Is Immo Deleted?

    I have searched and could find nothing related. I bought a car that has been heavily modified, but don't know if the immo has been deleted. I know how to trip it, but don't want to go that route. Is there a way in vcds I see on the immo screen if it is deleted?
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    WTB mk4 guage cluster...I think

    I am doing a swap with a 99 beatle tdi. Using all of the wiring, but the guage cluster is not going to fit my application. The mk4 should fit, as long as it works with the beatle harness. (feel free to chime in on that). Guess I need a 99.5 Jetta/ Golf cluster, as far as I know they had no immo...
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    Ok here it comes

    So, Sunday was my birthday. No body noticed, and I want to thank you for that. For some time I have had something in my sig, and nobody had asked, so here it is. There is a swap that has been talked about several times here on the club, and to my knowledge, nobody here in the states has done...
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    Sorry...another no start

    Ok, Y2k Jetta, little back story. Bought not running Was driving in an hour after I had it towed home. Was then checking fuses, tripped the immo, connected batt cables, problem solved. Two weeks ago, did TB job and oil change (30w's ok right). Car has been running very well. Wife calls, car wont...
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    MK2 MK3 bilsteins

    I have a very nice set of Bilstein sports with Eibach springs. If I remember right the setup yeilds about a 1.5 inch drop. Can't remember where I post pics at, if interested I will be glad to email them. Looking for 400 plus ship
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    WTB radio stuff

    I am looking for whatever it takes to convert from a double din radio to just a standard everyday cd/fm radio. this is in a 2000 mk4. Have several radios, just need parts to take up the rest of the space. Have searched several yards to no avail. Thanks guys
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    FS Teddy bear wheels Nor Cal

    Yes, you read that right, probably the only set for sale in the US right now. These things are like brand new. Came on a car I bought to do a tdi swap into. Really cool, just not my style, have BBS to take their place. They are 4x100 fitment, 14x6 et38. Perfect for any w/c vw 4 lug. I can't...
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    Cluster Swap

    I just bought a 99 beetle for a swap I have planed. If it had been a Jetta or golf I probably wouldn't have this problem. The beetle guage cluster isn't going to fit in my application. I am wondering if I can splice the cluster harness from an earlier 1z or ahu car and have the guages fully...