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    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    Out with the old, in with the new. Just traded my last TDI for this, getting full trade value and a good discount since the X3 had been sitting on their lot for nearly 6 months. It was a one-owner lease that was turned in, BMW tried to sell it as CPO and gave up after a couple months last...
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    I-43N at Delavan, WI exit 21

    Saw you yesterday morning running up the on-ramp to I-43N leaving Delavan. You were in a black MK6 Jetta TDI. I passed you on the left and waved.
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    2010 Q7s with the fix?

    We are looking at possibly trading in our '14 Jetta TDI for a bigger AWD diesel, and the Q7s and T-regs come to mind. I found a couple 2010 models in the area that have had "the fix" done late last year; one with over 160K miles and around $9k, and one with 94K miles for around $13k. The more...
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    Back in a diesel!

    Howdy folks, long time no see! I had last been on this forum as a lessee of a '14 Golf TDI that I kept for about 2 years before returning during the buyback program. I opted to end my lease early and took the payout, including the Bosch payment received recently. Since most of my 20+ years'...
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    Mobil 1 Oil Products Guide PDF

    Just in case this has not been posted yet, I thought I would share. I've had this for a couple years now, very useful in picking the TDT as my oil of choice for the PD and the 0w40 Euro for the 2.0T Passat. Hope it helps some.
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    Quick brakes issue

    Hi folks, In the process of changing out my rear brakes last night, I ran into a couple problems. (1) The LR pads were about at 60% life left (2) The RR pads were worn down to the linings and a little beyond So I replaced everything, lubed the slider pins and proceeded to do a little...
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    FS: Ross-Tech KEY-USB interface, $200 shipped

    I have an original Ross-Tech KEY-USB dongle which I bought a few years ago. It works on MK3 and MK4 cars, also B5 Passats and several Audis. The cable is in perfect condition, it is fully licensed so it's NOT a knock-off. I don't think they are offered for sale anymore at Ross-Tech; the new...
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    '04 PD valvetrain after 77K miles - PICS

    I was very curious as to the status of my cam, lifters and all other associated valvetrain items that we PD owners are afraid may fail early in our cars' lives, so I decided to take off the cover for the very first time and snap some pics. Forgive me if some of the pics are grainy; they were...
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    Separate cars and parts listings please?

    Could there be separate sub-categories for TDI cars and TDI parts for sale? Every time I look through here for a TDI car I have to scroll through a few pages of miscellaneous parts. Would it be possible to have JUST the cars for sale in one sub-section and JUST the parts in another? Much like...
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    PD130/160 Intakes

    Anyone know whether either of these two intake pipes will work PnP on a PD100 BEW? Here are the links to both:
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    Rubber cement on my boost piping?

    Would this work at sealing all the joints that are prone to weep oil and/or pop off? I'm thinking it doesn't hurt plastic, it's flexible to a degree and it should seal up joints perfectly. Anyone have an idea or has tried it? I don't mind being the guinea pig with my PD, because at almost...
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    Stronger clutch than VR6/G60 combo?

    Is this available even? I know most of the modded guys are running this ever-popular setup, but what if I want to upgrade my stock clutch to hold more than 300 lbs. in the future? What are my options? I was thinking to eventually add: - KP-39 stealth hybrid turbo from Kerma - Bigger SMIC or...
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    CAT 2-micron fuel filter installed in '04 PD

    So I finally got around to installing my CAT fuel filter from Greg at and I must say "Thanks!" to him for getting it shipped in just over 3 days; ordered Monday evening, arrived Friday noon, installed tonight! No pics yet, it was dark out, but I...
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    Hats off and a big thumbs up to Jeff@RC!!!

    I'm the proud owner of a newly tuned PD with the RC1+!:D:D:D Since Saturday night when Jeff worked his magic I haven't been able to stop grinning like a fool when on the go-pedal. Tinted windows will help to keep me from looking foolish, but those get done next year. I'm having so much fun...
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    For PD owners shuddering at idle

    In the interest of making sure my PD has all the air in needs when I request max "GO!" I decided to check my EGR valve, you know, just to see what the general condition of the intake is. I have only 53k miles on her, been using ULSD since about 35k miles, so it shouldn't be so bad, right...
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    FS: 15" OEM Steelies with Conti tires

    Hi folks, I'm selling my stock 15" steelies that came on the car, being a GL. I have all 4 plastic covers as well, in excellent shape, no rubbing or scuff marks. The tires have about 80% tread left or more, size is 195/65/R15 all around. These have been up for sale on the Vortex for a couple...
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    my small contribution to the wealth of info to be found here

    Hi folks, Are you tired of that buzzing, noisy center vent in your MK4?:( Does it drive you crazy going over small imperfections in the road surface, only to have it amplified by your center vents?:mad: I have the fix you've been looking for. What you'll need: roll of pvc thread tape...
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    2004 PD Engine Trouble with Pics

    Hello folks, We need more experienced PD guys to take a look at this thread and the pics that were just posted, showing what's under the valve cover. I thought we could get more attention by cross-referencing the original thread here: Please...
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    Rear brakes question

    It's time to replace pads in the rear of my '04. The rotors don't look too good either, and I'm considering an upgrade. Tell me this please: is it possible to install vented discs in the rear, without any modification to the caliper? I remember on my old TDI, the front discs were solid and...
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    PD Owners, please confirm or dispell:

    I have a Jetta TDI PD with about 45k on the clock, bought used as CPO from VW dealer with extended warranty. My concern: how many of you PD owners, if you pop the hood with the engine on and running, if you pull out your oil dipstick, can see blow-by gases escaping? I'm trying to ascertain...