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    Found - WTB: Tuning Chips for a 98 Jetta TDI or Chipped Passat GQ or FA ECU

    I replaced a bad ECU in a '96 Passat TDI with one from a '98 Jetta and I would like to fine tuning chips like Wetterhour, Upsolute or maybe RocketChip. Nozzles and turbo are stock. A chipped GQ or FA ECU would also do. Thanks
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    FS: 96 Passat BK ECU, Bad

    I have the Upsolute Tuning Chips from my old 96 Passat, BK ECU. SOLD The ECU had some issue and I replaced it with a 98 Jetta ECU, so I have a bad BK ECU, if anyone wants it. WTB tuning chips for a 98 Jetta TDI, also. Thanks.
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    15" Steel Wheel

    One OEM Volkswagen Steel Wheel $25 + shipping 15" 5x112 Bolt Pattern, ET 47 Offset VW Part No. 1K0 601 027T
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    FS: TPMS Sensors

    I have 2 used TPMS Sensors. 1K0 907 225C 315MhZ $20 ea. Shipped.
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    WTB: BEW Turbo

    Bought a new one.
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    WTB, B4 Passat Wagon Rear Springs

    I need rear springs for a Passat Wagon. I've only found them at the dealer so far. They are different than the sedan, but I don't know by how much. A set from a VR6 Wagon may do. Thanks FOUND SOME!
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    B4 Instrument Cluster Needed, Bad or Good.

    Found One. Thanks
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    WTB: Injector Line and Head Fitting

    WTB: Injector Line and Head Fitting - GOT THEM I borrowed an injector tester but need to adapt it to TDI injectors so I could use any one of the pump to injector lines and the fitting (Constant Pressure Valve) that's on the pump head. Thanks FOUND THEM
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    FS: 15" 5x100 Steel Wheels w/Used Snows

    SOLD: 15" 5x112 Steel Wheels w/Used Snows These are from a friends A5 Jetta. The tires are 195/65/15 91H Dunlop Wintersport M3. They look like they were never rotated so two are cupped with about 3/16" of tread and 2 are worn even with 1/8". The wheels are in good shape except one looks like it...
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    Anyone changed the brake lines yet?

    The R.R. brake line rusted through on our Passat so I'm going to replace all the lines to the rear. I could get stock lengths and bend and piece them together or, I found some Cunifer easily bent alloy line. ( There are quite a lot of...
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    CD Changer Magazine PN?

    Can someone check the part number of the CD changer magazine from a VCD-550 (1H0 035 111B) changer. It's out of a '97 Jetta but I think it's the same changer used in the B4s. If anyone has an extra magazine, I need one. Thanks
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    FS: Metalnerd Cam Sprocket Puller

    FS: Metalnerd Cam Sprocket Puller-SOLD I found I have 2 of these and this one I've never used so I may as well sell it. It's Metalnerd Part MN4001 - A4/NB Cam Sprocket Puller [/IMG] [/IMG] How's $40 Shipped sound?
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    FS:2001 Golf GLS TDI 4dr Auto

    FS:2001 Golf GLS TDI 4dr Auto, SOLD 2001 Golf GLS TDI 4Dr. Auto 103,000, SVO Converted $11,500 [/IMG] More pictures in My Gallery - Selling for a friend who bought it from the original owner, in DC, 2 yrs. ago at about 60,000...
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    2001 Golf for sale in Ohio, 28k, $12,500

    I saw this in a Warren, OH listing so I'm just passing it along. Thought someone may be interested in the low miles. 2001 VW GOLF Diesel, manual transmission, 28K mi., 49 m.p.g., like new condition, $12,500, 330-652-5886
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    FS- '02 Jetta Wagon TDI, Auto 132k $7995 *DELETED*

    FS- \'02 Jetta Wagon TDI, Auto 132k $7995 *DELETED* Post deleted by John Beyer
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    FS: '02 Beatle GLS 4800 miles

    FS: \'02 Beatle GLS 4800 miles I saw this in my local paper: 02 VW BEATLE GLS-TDI 4800 miles, 5 spd. manual, EPA 42/49, like new cond. (330)650-1104 I'd be glad to check it out if anyone's interested.
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    Anyone fixed a pump leak at the distributor?

    My pump it leaking badly between the distributor head and body. Has anyone replaced a seal here? I've done the seal for the quantity adjuster on another pump but never taken the distributor off a pump. I'm afraid of hearing I have to get a Bosch shop to do it. (I started a search but ran...
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    FS: 96 Passat Sedan-SOLD

    ’96 Passat Sedan, 147k, one owner, white w/tan cloth interior, sunroof, 1-1/4” receiver hitch, working cupholder! WVWGG83A7TB174461 $5800 w/present tires $6000 w/newer tires. I found this a mile from work and since it was in such nice shape and, since I like to work on TDIs, I...
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    I Need a Snowscreen, Really.

    That's right, I actually want a snowscreen. I have a torn one and the dealer couldn't find a part number. Didn't even know what it was. I need the B4/A3 style. With all the people who have removed them I thought someone would send me one for $5 or $10 bucks, dirty or clean. Thanks
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    ? for Passat Owners w/ a Dalan Hitch

    I've got a Passat Wgn that I'd like to put a hitch on. The Dalan hitch for the wagon doesn't have the cross bar connected to the frame rails like the sedan does. It just bolts to the spare tire well. Can anyone with this hitch for the sedan explain why? Do you think the sedan hitch could be...