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    Going if for 23N5, possible emissions flash yet?

    Our car is scheduled to go in for the 23N5 flash on Wednesday. Hopefully it's too soon but what are the chances of a flash to deal with the emissions issue being ready to install by then?
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    DSG car stalling at slow speed

    Car has ~12k miles on it. At parking lot speeds the engine has shut off twice in the last three days. Once each with wife and I driving. No instrument lights, no codes stored (other than two for driver door switch). Was not doing a regen either time, we have SGII. When it happened to me I...
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    FS: 2003 Jetta Wagon GLS manual in Florida

    For Sale: 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI with manual transmission located in Palm City, Florida. Blue paint with grey cloth interior. Odometer on 2 March 2014: 132,134. Price: $7300 firm. I purchased this car from a Carmax in Maryland in May 2004, car had 36,381 miles on it at time of purchase...
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    Florida ethanol mandate repealed

    This past Friday the Governor signed HB 4001 repealing the state ethanol mandate. Great news for gassers!
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    PD150 TIP to factory airbox?

    My OMI is getting tired and I'd like to install the PD150 TIP that is collecting dust on the shelf. What is a low cost but solid way to connect it to the factory airbox? I've scoured the local junkyard for a suitable hose with no good solution found and don't really want to drop the cash for...
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    WTB: ALH valve cover with known good gasket

    Gasket on my valve cover is leaking oil. If you have an ALH valve cover with a gasket known not to leak please PM me with cost shipped to FL.
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    Aiming aftermarket "e-codes" beyond adjuster range?

    A few months ago I installed some aftermarket e-codes from one of the vendors here. The bulb direction is way off and they are at the limit of the adjuster range. Been dealing with it because they are not blinding oncoming drivers but the lighting is so poor I'm considering going back to the...
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    FS: Nicktane filter head and parts

    SOLD For Sale: Nicktane filter kit $45 shipped to lower 48 of the United States Includes the 1"-14 filter nipple for use with CAT 1R-750 filter Does not include the return line coupler because I am still using that. A brass coupler from the hardware store can fill that role. Does not...
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    V10 vs. Duramax

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    FS: Garrett 17/22 turbocharger, needs work

    EDIT: seller made contact with rebuilder and they have asked me to send the turbo to them on their dime for repairs. I'm going to do that and give them a chance to fix it. The turbo might be for sale again soon, in working order. Original unedited ad preserved below for posterity. For Sale...
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    gear load calculation

    I have a math calculation problem and am hoping one of our gifted members can help. Here's the deal: at work we have developed a modified ring & pinion gearset for a rear differential. The objective is to reduce wear, friction, and heat. We are currently testing the gear set in a...
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    VW hybrid

    spotted at Dulles Airport valet parking:
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    WTB: Used stock injector nozzles

    Wanted to buy: one set of stock injector nozzles from ALH or earlier TDI engine. Any quantity of miles is fine, these will not be installed. Nozzles should be free of corrosion and the needles need to be free and removable from the nozzles. Offering $20 shipped to FL. Please PM if interested...
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    windshield sun shade recommendations?

    Does anyone have/use a windshield sun shade that the feel fits the MK4 well and is easy to use? I just picked up my second magic shade which fits worse than the first (now in Benz). Size chart spec'd jumbo, maybe standard would fit better. I have an accordion-style shade in the truck which...
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    FS: MK4 Panzer Plate, never installed

    SOLD DieselGeek brand MK4 Panzer Plate This plate has never been installed on a car and includes the hardware. $225, local pickup only in Palm City, FL
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    Part-Out: 2001 Jetta TDI

    SALE is over, if you haven't already contacted me via PM about a part, please don't. Thanks
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    WTB: stock turbo to pancake pipe hose, 03 alh

    edit: a couple offers pending, thanks wanted to buy: the stock hose from the vnt15 turbo outlet to the stock plastic pancake pipe. I have the pipe, just need the hose since I cut up my original. Please PM me a shipped price, paypal preferred. Thanks.
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    FS: ALH intake manifold, tapped

    SOLD: ALH intake manifold, tapped SOLD (contacted by buyer <2hrs after posting the thread) For Sale: Intake Manifold off of my 2003 wagon. $45 shipped in the U.S. via USPS flat rate. Reason for selling: Upgraded to a PD150 Intake Manifold and its highly unlikely I'll ever want to switch...
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    FS: water/meth system with 5.5L reservoir

    Sold, thanks for looking. Dual-Nozzle progressive MAP-controlled water/methanol injection system with 5.5 liter reservoir. Pic of kit today: Parts included and price paid new: Devil's Own VW Stage 2 kit, $330 float switch, $25 extra nozzle, $20 dual nozzle kit, $25 5.5 liter VW washer...
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    new tuner for Liberty CRD

    There is a new company on the scene based in MI and offering tunes for Liberty CRDs only. This forum might find interest in their approach to tuning and reported employee background. One of their employees started a thread on lostkjs and is providing detailed answers to member questions...