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    2" lift springs "Custom Suspension in Canada" anyone using these?

    Funny, haven’t visited this thread for a while. I did end up installing upgraded suspension, beef on a budget is what I was trying to avoid! Sorry but it’s just not right to do suspension lifts with spacers. I ended up ordering increased height and weight springs from a company out of Kansas...
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    Nuisance code P2564

    I’m thinking it depends on the cleanliness of the veins. Before I would assume it’s dying, I would disconnect the actuator and see how the thing moves. Does it move freely and then stick, or does it move slowly? when it’s worn and sticks at the ends its near death. When it’s sluggish moving...
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    Please help

    ^^ Bushings are a good thing to do either way, highly recommended also.
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    Control arm sway bar mount broke off

    That's why I usually order from one of four trusted venders. Generally metalman, and idparts, just have to wait a couple days
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    ALH Turbo Oil Feed Line Woes

    Compare new and old parts, if the old is still good use it and return the new. I found fitting things together before tightening then up works best
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    Jetta BEW - Downpipe/turbo

    Another exhaust gasket if you've already used the one you have. Pulling the bolts out of the engine mount on the passenger side will allow you to lower the engine with a jack and tilt it forward to have better access. Just start lifting the engine with the jack and remove the bolts. Have to get...
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    Please help

    Air expands when it's hot and generally causes issues shifting. First attempt could be flushing the clutch and brake system being they are the same fluid. If that doesn't solve the issue then the clutch disc is expanding and coming apart causing issues. Only thing is you'll need to re-bleed the...
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    Finished installing new turbo on BEW and the boost pipe wont go in

    Good job, glad you figured it out. I can see what you ground out. Wasn't visible in previous pictures.
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    Finished installing new turbo on BEW and the boost pipe wont go in

    I wouldn't recommend filing them; you'll weaken them, possibly catastrophically. Wiggling the hose in all directions might yield something. I'd also recommend pulling the seal/o-ring to see if it'll go in without it. Pita to deal with this, I know. Just be methodical and wary of modifying it to...
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    Starter seems to miss

    Does it click? A video would definitely help. It goes to crank, and then doesn't sound like it's spinning on the flywheel... Click then nothing? Then click spin start? Bad starter contacts, need to replace those.
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    SOLVED(Intermittent vacuum loss at pump nipple) : Pop like I blew a turbo hose - no boost leak problems with intercooler piping

    The sudden loss of power tells me there's a boost leak. Literally, pop! Loss of power, is a boost leak happening. A hole in a hose, which can be hard to see without removing and inspection. Perhaps another component blowing a hole such as the egr valve, or intercooler. Really is the only thing...
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    Car will only start when timing is advanced

    Yes IP being of one tooth can mess it up just enough. I turn the IP pulley to lock into the tooth to the right when I install mine. First time I did this job my IP was off by one, or two, and it rolled coal. Realigned everything, turning IP pulley to the right and when the belt stretches it...
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    Coolant heater not working

    Some of these have check valves that can be removed. Hot liquids and gases rise creating a thermo syphon. What I see is the line from the oil cooler going into the top and the bottom going to where the feed line to the oil cooler comes from. Try reversing the flow so it comes into the bottom...
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    Help needed with BEW Turbo Actuator adjustment

    The adjustment as stated beginning to move at 3-6 because as I said earlier the actuator begins moving then if it's good. And hitting the stop between 18-20 still leaves a lot of play and will be difficult to adjust without logging and fine tuning. Putting on a new actuator it's easiest to screw...
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    Please help

    Shifter linkage on the transmission and clutch. I'm guessing clutch pad came apart. Will it go through gears when it's off?
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    ALH air in fuel lines after sitting overnight

    Often this is the head seal on the IP. Easy job to replace...
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    SOLVED(Intermittent vacuum loss at pump nipple) : Pop like I blew a turbo hose - no boost leak problems with intercooler piping

    Egr deleted meaning it's been removed completely, or it's still there just not operating? If it's still there, the diaphragm can blow and leak. One of my old intercoolers had blown and resulted in similar results. Also the small hose between the intercooler and the upper pipe is difficult to...
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    Help needed with BEW Turbo Actuator adjustment

    I have seen this statement many times before and it is absolutely false! Is a misconception that has no basis. Reality is that the actuator should start to move at 3-6 and if it doesn't then it's bad. When the actuator starts to move then the mechanism in the turbo begins to move, however, this...