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    I've got a set of Depo's if you're interested. Used them for about 2 years and the cars been sitting in the garage, until recently, for almost 3 years. Soon to be disposed off. $75 plus shipping for the set...
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    Service campaign notice

    I got a couple of postcards recently from my dealer about a service campaign on my VW. I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten them as well. The only open campaign on my VIN is for the glowplug update from 2011 which I know had an expiration date. I put in steel plugs with a RC tune, so my...
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    WTB: 09a Transmission

    I'm Located in Eastern Massachusetts. Unfortunately, It's definitely not the solenoids. Might be willing to drive to pick up, or have shipped. I haven't decided that I'm ready to retire this car, yet.
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    09a Axle flange shaft failure?

    Officially confirmed that it is the transmission, Something inside is slipping. I pulled the axle flange and it looks good.:cry: 310k miles on this beast, It needs tires and a timing belt, so I think It is toast, Unfortunately, Its got a lot of relatively new parts. My daughters are driving it...
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    09a Axle flange shaft failure?

    I didn't check my bolts today, but I did check them not that long ago. They look to be all there and tight, but I'll confirm. Thanks.
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    09a Axle flange shaft failure?

    I was thinking the same thing; that it cant really fail. I've been keeping an eye on it, but I never realized it was that end of the axle. I assumed it was on the outer joint side. It would run normally for a a long time and every now and then it would get loud for a few minutes and go away...
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    09a Axle flange shaft failure?

    I thought I was losing an axle for the second time in a year. My 04 Jetta completely stopped moving as my daughter was driving to school this morning. AS I was waiting for a tow, I took a look at it and saw that the axle wasn't rotating at all even though I could hear the transmission spinning...
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    Wanted BEW Auto drivers side (left) axle.

    Title says it all. looking for a drivers side VW axle for a 2004 Jetta Auto. Hopefully there is someone out there who has done a 5 spd conversion who still has their VW axles.
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    ///// Cannon Ball run in a jetta tdi ?? ////

    I agree completely. This thread is what happens when you start with an Idea (my alh can somehow compete in a cannonball run) and then start changing rules (race number) to make you competitive. End result: You still lose, and others may beat you at the rules you pick. :D
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    ///// Cannon Ball run in a jetta tdi ?? ////

    A 2012 passat with the right drivers would blow out your race number: They got 84.1 mpg at 45mph and went 1621 miles on a tank! Using your "race number" from above: mph x mpg= 84.1 x 45 = 3784.5
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    Suspension upgrade questions

    I got them back in April and immediately put the rears in due to a blown shock. The fronts went in in July after I had to replace the steering rack. I'm quite happy with them. Firm but not harsh in my opinion. I'm still a bit clunky in back, and need to replace my rear beam bushings, next. I...
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    TDI Jetta Sportwagon questions

    I could be wrong , but I believe all 09 and later TDi automatics have DSG dual clutch transmissions.
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    Buying a TDI in mass...... can't give temp tag?

    Unbelievable! :mad::mad:
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    Buying a TDI in mass...... can't give temp tag?

    Mass RMV is still living in the 70's. Its all about paperwork, getting signatures, and other ridiculous BS. 7 motorcyclist lives were lost in NH in June because the Registry doesn't have a process to suspend licenses after out of state DUI charges. So far, the head of the Registry has resigned...
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    Timing belt replacement interval

    I spoke to a guy in 2010 or so who just got a new Jetta. He finally junked his old one after Jiffy Lube screwed up an oil change. Sounded like they might have stripped the oil pan and the oil leaked out. Anyway this guy had a 2000(?) Jetta that he drove for 225,000 miles with no timing belt...
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    Challenging problem

    I had a somewhat similar issue and it turned out the fuel pump relay was intermittent. After it stalls, if you turn the key off and back on, can you hear the in tank fuel pump humming, as it starts up? If you hear nothing, its either the in tank pump, or the relay. The relay is shown here ...
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    Tranny fluid change, road trip, and p0741

    If its a 5-4 hard downshift, it is likely the N91 valve body solenoid. I haven't done mine...yet. Car is pending a decision on repair or junking for a couple of issues. Some info here:
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    HELP! Canadian in Syracuse,NY 4hrs from home

    Are you looking for a mechanic to check it out? These guys helped my daughter out with a dropped window. Its run by a couple of ex VW techs. These guys are OK as well, but much larger and busier...
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    A&K Eurowerx

    MY daughter used these guys when her window fell into the door panel last winter. Surprisingly the clips didn't break. It just came out of them. They got it fixed and back to her pretty quickly.
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    Note on my car!

    A few weeks ago, I found a note on my car a few ago that said: Sell me your TDI followed by a phone number. I should have called to see if he had lots of cash, but I passed. :D