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    Adblue Light Came On, Tank Is 3/4 Full

    The 1000 km warning light came on yesterday, but when I tried to add fluid it didn't take that much. It's been extremely cold here lately, almost -40, I wonder if this has anything to do with it? I brought the car inside my heated shop last night and I'll leave it there to thaw for a couple of days.
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    Power Locks Doing Strange Things

    I had a passenger in my car last week, and he couldn't get the door open from the inside. The only way it would open is, first press unlock on drivers side, then press lock on the passenger side. After it opens and closes, you have to do the same thing over again to open it. I'm not sure if it...
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    Any 2015 Passats for sale in ON?

    Does anyone know someone who wants to sell a 2015 Passat TDI Highline? There's a few on the Auto Trader, but most of the prices are out of line.
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    How Is The Heat On The 2015 Models?

    Is it any better than the 2014 cars? When it is -30 my 2014 Jetta has a hard time reaching 165 degrees on the highway. I'm thinking of upgrading from a 14 Jetta to a 15 Passat.
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    Aux Heater Question

    Does anyone know when the electric aux heater comes on? I'm thinking mine isn't working. I don't hear any relays click and my voltage doesn't fluctuate when I turn my fan off or on. I searched and all that I found was the fan has to be on position two or greater, and the heat control has to be...
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    Turbogauge IV ?

    Has anyone tried this? It looks like a Scangauge II knock off. I'm looking for something that will give me my EGT and engine temp.
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    How's The Heat On The Newer Cars?

    I haven't had a TDI for quite a few years, I'm wondering if the heat is still terrible when it's -40 outside.
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    1996 Passat B4 Parts

    MFA cluster from European car, for parts or maybe can be repaired by changing the voltage regulator chip. I have two LM2940T chips included. The car got written off so I didn't have time to repair the cluster. Five oil filters, cabin air filter, serpentine belt, door handle rubbers, relay 109...
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    Sensolutions Vag-Com

    Sensolutions Vag com KEY-USB, I bought it in 2004 for $193.00 and the software license was $132.50. The USB end has some road rash on it because it was hanging out of my car door when I was driving. It plugs in to the USB fine. I will make sure it works before I sell it. If it was perfect I...
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    Passat B4 Parts

    I have TDI stainless front brake lines, rear shock install kit, including rubber spacers, boots and bump stops. I also have two TDI right tie rod ends. I want $75.00 + shipping for it all. I will post pictures shortly. If you are local I have all of my TDI front end parts left over from a five...
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    Do All OE CV Axles Have A Rubber Damper?

    I'm in the process getting everything together for my five lug swap on my Passat. I noticed that my VR6 donor car doesn't have the rubber donut dampers on the axles like my TDI does. I went to a few local wreckers looking for axles with the dampers, but they didn't have any either. So the...
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    WTB Passat B4 Struts

    I am looking for new or really clean used. Will consider any brand but prefer Bilstein.
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    Passat B4 TDI Instrument Cluster

    I think it had around 45-50,000 miles, I converted to km/hr. $100.00
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    Passat B4 VR6 Plus Suspension Conversion

    I did a lot of searching on here and Vortex and didn't come up with much. I know I have to swap the complete suspension, steering rack, brakes etc. I have a non ABS car and I don't want to swap the ABS to my car. Can I use my master cylinder? I also should replace my front and rear struts...
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    I Found This Clip In My Door?

    I found this white U shaped clip in the bottom of my door. I don't know where it came from but I had the door handle and mirror removed for painting. Hopefully the image will work.
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    Passat B4 Rear Mud Flaps

    Brand new, $30.00 + shipping.
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    Can Anyone Read German? eBay I bought this instrument cluster on eBay, does it mention the tach doesn't work? The Altavista translation is not to clear.
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    Finally Found A German B4 MFA Cluster

    I hope it is the correct one for a 96 B4 Passat. The Altavista internet translator works OK but it would be easier if I could read German. At least I wont have to destroy my old cluster to get a working MFA...
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    Automatic Cluster For B4 MFA?

    I found an automatic GLX cluster. Can I use it for my MFA conversion?
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    Is A German B4 The Same As A North American Model?

    I want to convert my USA Passat B4 TDI to a metric instrument cluster with a MFA. I thought I would search eBay Germany. I am finding 95-97 Passat clusters with mechanical odometers and some look like newer clusters? I don't know any German so I am just guessing when I read the item...