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    Quick out west roadtrip!

    So, I'm burnt out from my day job and I can carve out next week for a trip out west. I'm flying solo and have about 6 days to kill. any recommendations? I'm leaving from Maine. I just want to throw a dart, so this is equivalent!
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    Butterfly sockets?

    I was enjoying my time removing sensors earlier (not really) and have seen the butterfly sockets for a while now. Does anyone have a set that could provide feedback? Worth the buy? Durable? Seems like they would make a few jobs easier. Thanks!
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    Stage 3 from AARoderiguez...

    While my fuel economy may suffer...... My Smiles per Mile increased 400%. Thanks for that! Pics when it's all complete!!
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    Garage with a lift- interest?

    My buddy has a garage with lifts in Bethel and I was going to inquire about securing it for Saturday if there is need/interest. Anyone interested?
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    Local Info for TDIFest 2015

    I actually live in Bethel and have always had the best intentions of attending one of these, but now can finally make it! Since I'm a few miles from the mountain, I thought it was a good idea to throw some local info together: Camping: Pleasant River Campground is W. Bethel is nice with a...
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    FS: Old School VAG-COM Iso-Com Adapter

    I forgot I had this from a while back and have since upgraded to a Hex-Com. This is serial (RS-232) to OBDII for cars older than 2005.5. You'd need to get software from Rosscom. In excellent/like new shape shipped to conus price: $35 PM if interested
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    FS: Manual Boost Controller - Dawes Devices

    I am selling a brand new MBC from Dawes Devices. I bought it and never used it. My loss is your gain. $40 shipped obo. Thanks!!