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    Toronto GTA GTG October

    Fall looking nice for a nice quick GTG I know we got thanks Giving weekend coming up too.. but the leave's are changing and winterizing will have to be done soon... Tazz
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    Toronto GTA GTG JULY AUG

    First of all I think I speak from most of us that our hearts are with you and that we support Gerry and his family during there trying times. God speed.. It would be nice to set up a GTG for late July or August... Do we want one in Town or outside of Town? 16th and the 30th are open...
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    GTG Toronto GTA JUNE

    Sorry for the delay for not getting one started in May The Barrie GTG was Kewl, as it turned out when I picked up my Baby the clutch plate blew apart. So anyways she home now and Im cleaning her up and breaking her in.. So June Perfect getting a GTG in the T.O. break summer...
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    GTG Toronto?? Tazzmobilbe RIP

    The Tazzmobile is the lastest victim this winter. She was hit from a fallen Ice block from a Tracker Trailer Hit the front bumber and got under. broke her oil pan. The parts went into her crank case and up into the upper engine.. Before I was able to pull over the engine siezed and stopped...
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    December GTG Toronto GTA Xmas

    Most likey the last GTG of the year Im trying to get Rick D's place off of Racine Road just waiting to hear back and what dates would be available and try make this a xmas GTG. Also theres a rebate ( mail in for $75 off of any chipping) from December 1 through December 18th only. Tazz
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    GTG Toronto area GTA

    Well we've had some great summer GTG's to say the least and lots of fun. Most have been in the outskirts so maybe we should have the next one in closer this time. maybe just on the rim of Toronto area as the Folks are back from cottage country and and constuctions still on the loose and...
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    Two new Upsolute distributor in BC

    For those in BC are I like to intruduce you to two new members Randy Wong in Vancouver Randy Wong Goodyear Ultimate Source Automotive Inc. 2075 Willingdon Ave. Burnaby, B.C. Canada V5C 5J4 Website: E-mail: and Neil...
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    GTG Toronto GTA for August

    Well were in the heat of summer now folk and it wont last long, These GTG's are start to out do them Anyways London ways is looking for GTG ( VWScully ) and see what else pops up, Long weekend should be out for the family GTG? Tazz
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    GTG for Toronto GTA for June

    GTG for Toronto GTA for June Try to get a nice one in June if we can. I want to make it a show and shine for beginers and bring out the other half's, have some fun too. we have the 12th 19th or the 26th of June open so far and to pick out a place. we had some Volunteers at the BBQ so Im...
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    New front Brake VR6 spindles

    This may not be new but not many post so Im putting my two cents worth in. Did an upgrade on my 99.5 TDI jetta. Brake on it are the craps. Went through pads like crazy, one side wearing out. The last straw was last winter when the back calibers disinagraded and the piston wore into the rotor...
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    GTG for Toronto GTA for May

    From our last GTG some couldnt make due to break downs and clutch failures, ( dam ) oopps.. Anyways the folks discussed the next dates for the next GTG and the most reasonable dates where the 15th May. We got the Long weekend in May too, so lots of folks will planing to open cottages and...
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    Toronto Area GTG for the new year

    Well we ended the old year hot !!!!! Lots came out but winters rolling out and xmas will be over so I leave this post to see if a GTG for either January or February and of course when and where We all hope Nigel recovers from all his injuries ( OHIP ) And we have Rick D to thank and...
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    GTG Toronto Area December

    As you can tell we such a great turn out at our last GTG,, hosted by Vlad.. The possibilties of a one in December depending on where and when. I think Rick might Offer his Place? ( WARM ) garage .. Plus other thing s will be posting soon as well so this is just to get thing going. Tazz
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    Toronta area GTA GTG for November

    Well we have a host for November and two possible dates 22nd and the 29th so far, ( not definate yet) somewhere in the 407 and Dundas area.. Direction and host will be posted shortly.. and a few other things.. Tazz
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    Toronto GTA GTG October

    Well its been a soggie few weeks since Isabel, I see the last GTG went well, My fuel pump didnt make it. sorry guys. Going to see if October brings on a nice one for a Saturday GTG... so Date again are open and place to be is...?? Tazz
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    September G.T.A. Toronto Post TDI fest GTG

    This will be just to see to get one going for later in September for the Post Fest GTG. Actully this one should be good, for the one's that couldnt make it. Share some Pic's and Trophy's ( eh Vik !?) Maybe Rick will have his new P TDI by then??? to show off??? what do you say eh...
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    GTG Toronto area GTA for August

    Sorry for the delay Wheels have been down this week, see if we can get a weekend for a GTG in August for Upsolution and Epsolonian devices and other mods. Where and when will be the questions to answer. and I know we have the TDI fest coming up too but I think it would still be nice to...
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    GTG Toronto Area Jully TDI upsolution

    Having a GTG on the Saturday the 26th At Rick D's Place ( yes the 47 Racine Avenue unit 10 ) There's going to be a TDI group sale if we can a few out. the more out, the better the $$$ Discount starting at 450.. also hopefully to have the Eps Device in too. Ill post when the do. Tazz
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    Toronto GTA June GTG

    Well summers here for the big smoke and the cars are coming out. So its GTG time. We've got time to pick a week end and place. Eps might be in soon as well and the Sars scare will be over and my pneamonia is gone. Tazz
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    NEXT Toronto GTG GTG April 12th

    The GTG will be held at Rick's place, just in case the weather isnt cooperating. Please post and book in here for all those who are planning to show up. Gerry Can you get another Part for trivia???? lolol Tazz