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    When will diesel prices start to fall?

    $1.89 at my local Mobil, but still $2.39 at the Love's truck stop down the road. The truckers always get jipped.
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    Liqui moly ceratec?

    "Right after changing the oil and adding this motor started knocking loudly. Drive for 1000 miles." Methinks you probably had an issue even before you changed the oil and it just coincided with an oil change. You didn't mention what oil you've been using or what you just put in. Also, if I had...
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    Newer TDI

    Should start a new thread really, or read some of the previous ones about this. In general, you'll find the '14 Jetta feels like a tin cup compared to your MK5. It feels lighter but not in a good way. If you're wanting to upgrade to something newer, consider the '15s. Although they look...
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    SUMMERFEST 2020 IS CANCELLED. NAIAS has been cancelled.

    Only 350 miles away, and that's if I drive south around the lake; I'll have to compare this to the Milwaukee ferry option, but count me in! Any word on whether or not some tuners will be present? I was hoping to get my X3 tuned this summer. Either way, I should be there. Will be nice to meet...
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    Oil sweat in cylinder head?

    Owning a Touareg and maintaining it requires deep pockets. Everything is going to be more expensive, from tires to brakes to fluids to sensors. Make sure you really want to take it on, otherwise keep looking. Read up on timing chain issues, repeat DPF and DEF system issues and the like. You...
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    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    Thanks BlueHenTDI. I'm not on FB for many reasons, although I use the bimmerpost forums diesel subforum as well as the F25 subforum. There are several knowledgeable folks there I rely on, lots of reading to go through. I'm still enjoying the car, it feels and drives so much better than my past...
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    Dealer says it's fine to drive while waiting for DPF

    Could also try running a DPF cleaner in your fuel meantime. Some have reported success having their DPFs complete regens and the light go out afterwards. Worth $10 to try.
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    Diesel at Speedway

    The BP at Fullerton and Ashland (1607 W Fullerton Ave) sells non-Bio D2. I used to fill up there every other week when we lived in $hitcago. Many diesel owners frequent that location as it's one of the only non-Bio stations in the area. Meijer is also reputed to sell non-Bio D2 but I haven't...
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    First time diesel owner 2011 jetta tdi questions

    Welcome! Now read, read, and read some more:
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Perhaps they'll be more successful as lease vehicles for livery companies that offer upscale transportation in and around large cities. I see Escalades, Suburbans and Yukons every day around Chicago being driven by black-suited drivers. For fuel economy alone, along with state incentives for...
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    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    Thanks @WrEkkED, that's my plan. I'll provide updates here for anyone interested. @mech644, any progress on making a decision?
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    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    So far so good on mine as well. I've been doing lots of reading over on the diesel subforum of bimmerpost and it seems the 3er had quite a few issues with the transfer cases. Something about the spline shaft wearing and guibo not absorbing the vibrations and such. Plenty of folks have upgraded...
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    Turbo replacement

    $400 for a loose clamp? That's insane AND incompetent. I don't know how it is in Canada, but in the U.S. whatever work was done and part(s) were manipulated during the repair are covered for 1yr/12k miles on the shop's dime. That's just robbery.
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    Castrol Edge Prof no longer Sold at VW Dealers.

    I believe in the US, the VW dealerships are stocking (or have already) the Mobil 1 ESP stuff. Maybe VW also sells it as repackaged VW oil?
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    2000 1.8t 5mt passat potential purchase.

    You probably should check the diverter valve as well. It can cause weird issues like that. The diaphragm inside ends up tearing over time.
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    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    For most maintenance items, it seems to me that the X3 diesel is manageable for the enthusiast with some experience. The air filter and its assembly basically snap off the top of the engine once the cover is popped off. I like that the DEF refill is inside the fuel filler door, not in the...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Likely not, but if you can find a CPO one in a year or two, they should be priced attractively (one hopes...).
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    U.S. Comeback?

    But at least Mazda is offering us a new Skyactiv-D :o
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    Newer TDI

    Congrats, rat!
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel

    Nice work getting it caught up on maintenance and repairs out the gate. It should serve you well. Regarding the part-time vs full-time 4WD: on our older Grand Cherokee I remember the full-time 4WD basically allows for the diffs to be open so you can slip some of the front and rear wheels as...