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    Passat turned in, ave atque vale!

    I now take my leave of this forum, having today sold our first (and who knows, perhaps last…) diesel back to Volkswagen. I should state that it has been a great car, and were it not for Dieselgate, I’m certain we’d go on driving it as long as practical. I have read all the arguments on fix as...
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    One week warning e-mail

    I got a very thorough and detailed e-mail from VWOA yesterday going over all the details, requirements, and payback estimate and method of payment for turning in our Passat on the 7th. I get the impression they really want this to happen.....
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    FS: ID Parts Winter Fronts- Champaign, IL - $50

    In use 4 winters on '13 Passat*, in great condition, includes original underhood velcro strips. Shipping to your location extra. PM please. *Sold as-is, no returns. Be sure these will fit your car!
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    CEL for reductant temp sensor

    On a road trip from IL to the Gulf, picked up a CEL in Mobile. Got here to Chattanooga before I could use VCDS: 2 Faults Found: 009688 - ROD - Unknown faultcode 009687 - ROD - Unknown faultcode The VCDS isn’t updated, but by asking Ross-Tech I discovered they relate to the DEF tank...
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    Great big e-mail o'doom

    Got a big e-mail in fine print from VW today (re: the 2.0 l settlement, of course), saying I'd better register by Sept. 1, yadda-yadda, because program ends Dec. 31st, blah-blah. If there's anyone who doesn't know this stuff by now, they deserve to lose out.
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    Homelink gone in 2018 NMS?

    I heard a nasty rumor that the Homelink garage door accessory is gone on the 2018 Passat. I couldn't find it listed in the specs online, either. Can anyone with a 2018 confirm?
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    Leave it running locked with KESSY- remote start inoperative

    It's cold enough around here now that I've run into a situation where I'd like to make a quick stop at the grocery but leave the Passat running. But KESSY refuses to let me lock the car when it's running. Also, my remote start doesn't work, I've tried everything I've read in this forum. Any...
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    Group 2 Fix: be careful at dealer!

    I was at our local dealer for the second time, trying to get caught up on the recalls on our Passat. They got the airbag initiator the first time, but our O2 sensor didn't pass (some do, service writer said ours was the first one that didn't), so I had to go back. Both times, he very casually...
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    Need new tires before buyback

    We're to the point where we need to replace the OEM Continental ProContact tires on our '13 Passat. They're not down to the wear bars yet, but will definitely have to be replaced before the snow flies. We're planning on turning the car in late next year, hopefully I can get a date as late as...
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    It's not the maintenance itself. You know, the things some people say are difficult, like the oil filter change on the CKRA engine, or the DSG service. They take a while, but I don't find them that difficult. What I do find annoying, aggravating, or <pick your own adjectives>, is the wonderful...
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    A note on GOOD brakes

    We've had our '13 Passat almost four years, and never even a close call. Well, until yesterday. We were on our way back from a 100 mile road trip, and a pickup pulled out in front of us on US 36, we were doing 65 headed West, and all I remember is a photographic impression of the truck turning...
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    Gen 2 Fix Packet in the mail today

    Received a nice thick envelope from VW today with a booklet detailing the fix for our Gen 2 Passat (even though we're signed up for the buyback, time to take place late next year). Full of soothing language about this minor change or that we won't even (probably) feel, such as a 1 mpg loss in...
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    GM accused of rigging diesel emissions

    Well, looks like we're off to the races....again:
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    Dealers, they are a-fishin'

    Got a nice faux hand-written note in the mail yesterday from the local VW dealer wanting to "-talk to you about buying your Passat." When I texted the number they gave with a reply that I doubted they could surpass what VW was offering in buyback money for the car, I got a quick reply that the...
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    Yet another buyback twist....

    Went with our son today while they turned in their '13 Jetta. Car was lightly T-boned last July, enough to ruin both passenger doors, but thr car otherwise fine. The buyback itself took only around 15 minutes, but in the course of it the guy casually remarked that VW "-might come back on them...
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    New Liqui Moly 507.00 formulation, and cheaper, too...

    Looks like Liqui Moly has come out with a new 507.00 oil that comes cheaper in the 5L jug than the TopTec 4200. (Note: idparts is a forum sponsor)
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    Phantom CEL

    Drove from the Midwest to VA last Monday & Tuesday. Got about 150 miles and stopped at a rest area, when I started off I had a CEL, no other symptoms. The Passat continued to run fine, and the manual was...not helpful. Checked the fluids that night at a motel in E Ohio, CEL still on the next...
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    received heater core warranty extension today

    In today's mail I received a warranty extension to 10 years / 120K miles for the heater core in our '13 Passat. This was denoted by VIN, so all NMS Passats may or may not be included. The letter is quite specific in the symptom— failure to heat on passenger side, which is what so many people...
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    Yakima, WA— Bad Fuel Alert!
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    Best deal on DSG service kit

    This is the best deal on a DSG service kit that I've seen. $85 for a 5L jug of Pentosin fluid and a filter? You've gotta be kidding me!