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    Global automakers face electric shock in China

    " A key concern for foreign brands, according to one of the people close to GM plus a Volkswagen insider, is that their new EVs are being designed more for American and European markets in mind, with a heavier focus on performance and durability."...
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    2015 Passat sits too low w/ cargo carrier - what to do?

    Options to raise the Passat or reinforce the shocks with a cargo carrier of around 150 to 200 lbs fully loaded in the trunk and four people riding: Something moderate so we do not bottom up so much like we did on our last camping trip.
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    2015 Passat: Right front ABS speed sensor + other codes

    Folks: A few more lights have shown up on the dashboard and yesterday my local mechanic said that, the one he is more sure to remove/replace, is the right front ABS speed sensor (codes 00285-012 and 00285-003): Here is the right part # WHT003856, correct...
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    2015 Passat: Air bag light comes and goes and so does the cruise control does not work/works

    Ok folks I took the plunge into the "clean diesel" world and I purchased a 2015 Passat TDI SE (emissions intact) from a very nice TDIClub member in Florida (thank you Bob!). Now to one of the first observations /quirks: at times the air bag light comes and when this happens the cruise control...
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    Decent car cover for under $100 (~185 inches long vehicle)

    Any recommendations/experience with a decent car cover (2004 Passat wagon) under $100?
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    Americans are buying Teslas, not EVs, but experts say that's about to change 2021 vs. 2030 Tesla's current dominance is over a relatively insignificant market. Despite the amount of attention and hype surrounding EVs, sales of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric...
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    Real-World Electric Vehicle Fueling Costs May Surprise New EV Drivers

    6 months of independent research finds fueling costs for electric vehicles (EV) are often higher than for internal combustion engines (ICE) I guess when it comes to EV charge stations...
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    Synthetic fuels - another cleaner option for transportation energy?

    DW: "Can combustion engines get greener?" Video subject starts at the 6:30 mark:
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    A spacious EV for road trips: will it become real for $50K in 2023?

    Non-SUV and electrical might be appealing to some but will it come to North America?
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    Tangentially related to EVs - Residential solar systems

    Folks: Starting very preliminary research on the subject. It seems that the residential solar system companies are growing like mushrooms. This is good and bad I supposed. For what I researched so far many large companies (even relatively smaller ones) want to force you to buy their large...
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    ANALYSIS-When do electric vehicles become cleaner than gasoline cars?

    Complex topic indeed. This one is using Argonne National Laboratory Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions and Energy Use in Technologies (GREET) model: "You glide silently out of the Tesla TSLA.O showroom in your sleek new electric Model 3, satisfied you're looking great and doing your bit for...
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    Dealer battery vs other options (AGM, traditional lead-acid float)

    Ok I realize that this topic comes up from time to time but instead of resurrecting an old thread I figure out I start a new one. I do not need a battery right away but I figure out I will need one by the Fall since the current one will be three years old and might not do so well if we make a...
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    Question about alternator

    Today my 2004 Passat got a new to me/re-manufactured Bosch alternator (previous one was a the original Valeo with around 249,000 miles). The Bosch part number is AL0885X: Looking at the following website: it shows this...
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    Where to buy additional bolts to secure the skid plate

    Hello folks: one of the first things I did purchased for my Passat wagon was getting installed the Dieselgeek Panzer Plate. With the passing of time and getting serviced I no longer have the 'bolts' that further secure the plate on the driver side, passenger side and in the front bumper...
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    Portable electric heat magnet

    Anyone has used this option to warm up the oil pan in very cold conditions (close to 0 F or so)? I need something for a trip to Colorado and not for long term use. I live in SE Texas and on a yearly basis...
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    Center rear power plug repair options

    Hello folks: Anyone has experience fixing the back center power plug? Mine became all loose and the power is intermittent. Definitively this is needed in road trips because it is used to charge electronics and so forth: Any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated.
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    Using H18 headlight bulbs instead of H7

    I used to be able to source Osram H7 bulbs rated at 65 watts (made in Germany) for a little bit more lumens for my 2004 Passat. However they have been discontinued to my knowledge. I did some research and apparently the H18 type can also be used (with some mods) instead of an H7. The advantage...
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    The dirty secret of electric vehicles

    I am posting this in the spirit of a frank discussion, not to 'attack' EVs which I am considering myself in the future for city driving:
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    2006 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI

    Greetings, a friend of mine recently purchased this vehicle from a private party. He was asking me regarding any worthwhile tunes for the car to improve mileage. Is there such thing or they tend to do more with increasing power/torque? Any other tips/suggestions/preventive maintenance regarding...
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    2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Adds a 4-Cylinder Diesel

    It's back by popular demand :-) Yes $40K and up but you get a lot of real estate. I bet you you can beat the average mileage of the Audi Q7 TDI! I wonder why it does not come with the nine speed...