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    2015 Jetta TDI Exhaust Flap

    Anyone change R&R one. It's welded to the cat outlet and bolted at it's outlet with a coupling. Cut it out at the inlet of it and plum in replacement. Anyone done it out here? VW only sells it as one piece with cat., at 2600.00 retail here.
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    Diesel price...

    Calgary alberta was 188.9 for diesel a week ago.
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    MK6 Golf TDI timing belt replacement recommendations in Ottawa area?

    For what it's worth when you get it done, have them install the water pump without the variable type water pump. The pump from Febi has no shroud on it and it pumps all the time. If the shroud on the pump fails to work , costly for sure. There was a test done with and without the variable...
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    Safely certified car every 2 year in Ontario

    I am sure it will be a money grab for garages doing certification to some extent.
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    Safely certified car every 2 year in Ontario

    Should read safety test every 2 years.
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    Safely certified car every 2 year in Ontario

    Word is car will have to safety yest every 2 years in Ontario in the near future. They will for sure look at the emissions on vehicles being there is no E test being done anymore. Believe it or not time will tell.
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    Who has a Water Pump go bad?

    Check out the water pump by Febi. It doesn't have the shroud on it so no failure for it not pumping coolant, because it gets stuck in the position of not letting the pump do it's job of pumping coolant. It still uses the solenoid and can be purchased with out without the solenoid. The impeller...
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    NRS Brake Pads

    Their site is shown in this first posting at top.
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    NRS Brake Pads

    Wright now NRS brake pads has a sale of 35% off on their brake pads. Check out their site. Free shipping too I believe.
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    Brand new Mag wheels

    Sorry no pictures. I am clueless when it comes to down loading pictures here. Also for what it's worth I have nothing to do with the company, I just a satisfied customer.
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    Brand new Mag wheels

    By the way the wheels look great and are well made. Love them on my silver jetta.
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    Brand new Mag wheels

    I ordered 4 new mag wheels from Took like one-day for them to arrive at my place, but I wasn't home so picked them up at the shipper nexk day. Got the ART 75 in gloss black for my 2015 Jetta TDI . OEM size of 16 inch and hubcentric 57.1 for Comfort line. Got black wheel...
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    2015 Jetta Heated seats

    2015 Jetta TDI. Both front heated seats would both have a fuse for each seat correct. Please what is the location for the seat fuses. Cannot find. Thanks
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    Frozen exhaust fluid

    Keep the tank full at all times in the cold weather will help and also help stop condensation from forming in the tank which is not good. I am always topping up for those reasons, in fact both in the winter and in the summer to cut down on condensation. You will get condensation in the summer...
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    Oil Filter every 10,000 miles is overkill?

    12 bucks for a new oil filter and you don't bother to change after changing the oil. So let the oil and filter both go for 20,000 miles, 30,000 km's.
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    NRS Brake Pads Check them out. Bought for the front of my 2015 Jetta TDI. Will also when needed to change the rear, will buy them too. The quality is far superior to any OEM and after market pads I have seen or used. They are Fully Galvanized Backing Plates, not painted so no rusting...
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    Coolant additives

    Hyperlub diesel super coolant additive. The web below. Added to my coolant after taking out some vw coolant from tank. To me seems to warm up faster, heat from heater etc. Will add once per year. San II gauge shows warmer temperatures faster then before. Got it from Canadian...
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    Canadain Tire Mobil 1 5w30 ESP

    28.99 for 5 qt., jug , which is 55% off regular price. Ends tomorrow Thursday I believe Oct 29th.
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    A/C Compressor Refrigerant Control Valve

    I have a 2015 Jetta MK 6 TDI and sounds like I need to replace the valve too. The compressor make looks to be Delphi 2K0820803A as indicated on its label. I can not find a replacement valve for it. VW doesn't have one only a new compressor. Hope I can get one up here somewhere. I posted here...
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    High quality oil for high horsepower application

    My spelling and grammar, didn't know I was in school teacher. Really thicker oil is better, too thick and oil temps will rise. But hey what do I know as it seems some out here are the oil gods and no one can give their opinion as they know best and they have nothing better to do then attempt...