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    OEM sealant for oil pan

    2015 Passat 6mt (35K miles) has developed a leak at the oil pan flange (verified to not be leaking from higher up like cam / crank seal or valve cover. Looks to be a straight forward job but wondering what the recommended sealant is for this job? Learned from the 7.3 powerstroke forum that...
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    bought a 2015 Passat 6M today

    18,200 miles for $15.3k. I purchased from a local non-VW used car dealer. I purchased assuming it would not be eligible for any dieselgate claims. Not a salvage or rebuilt title. So how do I tell if the emissions modification has been done? edit- found the modification sticker, not in an...
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    open recalls- 23o6 and misfueling guard

    So I thought my 12 sportwagen had the misfueling guard installed last service visit but it appears they just installed the yellow sticker around the fuel opening. I was hoping to never have the car at the dealer again, but for extended warranty coverage on the HPFP I reluctantly may take it...
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    Check Engine Light -000525 - Cylinder 4 Injection Timing

    My 2012 sportwagen turned on the check engine light at 1280 miles. No driveability issues except the occasional hesitation under light acceleration. Just wondering if this is something that needs servicing right away or can wait a few days. A quick search turned up nothing on this particular...