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    $3 door fix

    Despite trying the search function , , I cant find any of threads relating to this issue on the MK 4 golfs. Anyone got something bookmarked they could post for me?? TIA
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    Rear Brake Pad Recommendations??? 2003 Golf

    Any particular brand of pad that gets consensus recommendations. Brembo and Zimmerman seem to to be readily available locally ........should I go the extra mile to find something superior???
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    Finally , some common sense!!! I wonder who the supplier is??
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    Head Gasket or EGR system???

    I'm having to top my coolant level on my 2003 tdi more frequently than previously. No evidence of leakage so I guess I'm starting to burn it. Its no where near bad enough yet to start pulling it to pieces yet, but I'd like to figure out where to start the process. How do I determine...
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    VW for tall driver???

    My daughter's 2003 tdi golf is reaching the end of its usefull life...... a legitimate $2500 estimate for necessary repairs, and due to a stroke , I cant pull wrenches any more. My son in law is mechanically useless. Looking to acquire something that would become her husbands car, and...
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    Passat trannies.

    Does the automatic tranny in the 2003-2005 Passatt models have the same poor reputation as those installed in the MK4 golfs and jettas??
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    2015 Canadian Warranty

    Trying to determine what the status is on warranties backed by VWCanada on the 2015 tdis. USA status seems well defined but conflicting info on Canada. Are these warranties passed onto buyers of used vehicles. Hoping for input from knowledgeable Canadians
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    Consensus or ???

    So given that post 2009 tdi s got a bad rap for HPFP failures, and given the fact that , unless I missed something , 2015 "fixed units" come with a decent warranty, is there a consensus as to which post 2012 units offer the best value. In Canada if that makes a difference.
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    2003 tdi injectors, Calgary Alberta

    One set , 0.205 nozzles, 110 HP, professionally rebuilt by Giles at Performance Diesel , Markham Ontario. Never been installed. My cost over $600,, invoice available. Your price $450. Second set , originals , good used , approx 200,000 km , have been pop tested and are 2200psi...
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    2003 tdi parts, too many to list

    Massive garage clean out of 2003 tdi parts. injection pump, starter, alternator , doors , turbo , injectors , doors/ windows , wheels with usefull 195-65-15 rubber, shocks , struts , brake calipers , rotors, headlights , engine plumbing , hoses etc etc. Cant do my own maintenance any longer so...
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    DSG advice please

    Between me and my daughter , I've been running two 2003 golf tdi's with manual trannys for about 6-8 years. However as of two months ago , i suffered a stroke , and altho recovery is on going , it Is by no means certain that I'll ever be able to use a clutch again. So as a replacement ...
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    Error Code... Start of Ignition Timing Regulation... help please

    Out and about in my 2003 tdi today.... previously running close to perfect and I went over some rather vicious washboard. Would have slowed down more than I did if I'd recognised how bad it was. Regardless as I try to accelerate at the end of the wash board, no way. Wouldn't rev passed...
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    Boost Adjustment

    So when I run my VCDS , I get Boost specified 999.6 and Boost Actual 897. How do I make the necessary adjustment to bring these closer together?? I live at 3000 feet above sea level, does this influence the optimum settings?
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    MK 4 ABS troubleshooting issues

    My daughter's 2003 golf had both front ABS sensors changed out by a mechanic about 15 months ago ( VCDS was indicating a problem). Everything more or less OK untill recently when she advised that she had no ABS, and the ABS light was on. I ran VCDS again and got a report of intermittent problem...
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    Interesting Update from Europe

    Interesting view of dieselgate from Europe. Nearly all the press todate has been related to North America. Extremely interesting that VW appears to believe that the "cheating software" was not illegal in Europe. The lawyers must be drooling
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    Injection Pump Mk 4

    Fuel Injection pump for 1999-2003 tdi golf or jetta . Ready to install. $400 plus shipping
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    I dont want to hear another complaint about diesel prices

    Take look at the attached. Current exchange rates are around $2 Canadian to the British pound .or $1.40 US Right now I'm paying 70 cents per litre in Calgary for diesel or approx 35 british pence. Thats only 35% of British prices. We dont know how well off we are in North America...
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    Wiper blades wont turn off

    Obvious diagnosis is some kind of short / defect with the multi purpose switch or a stuck relay or ??? Anyone have first hand experience to help narrow down the areas for investigation?? Removing the fuse has been the short term solution but obviously that is not satisfactory
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    So with all the hoo ha....

    that has erupted over emissions control , what would be a good year model to consider purchasing to take advantage of someone who felt obliged to dispose of their TDI.. I own a 2003, am aware of the cam issues on 2004-2006 and am vaguely aware of DSG dissatisfaction as well as some in tank...
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    2004 tdi

    Can anybody here confirm what motor vw used in 2004 units distributed in the UK., In north America , 2003 was the last year of the ALH motor , then changed to the BEW which have a reputation over here for eating camshafts . Is this true in the UK as well???