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    T/signal coding for 2016 GSW-TSI

    Anyone got the code to change t/s from three blinks to five (as in my 2012 tdi... that I "had to sell.":rolleyes:
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    Nav unit swap ?

    Will the 2016 nav unit from an SEL fit ... plug-in AND work w/o wiring change(s) ?
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    Politicians… go away !

    Congresswoman raises concerns about VW settlement oversight Kalifornia is trying to sneak it's nose under the tent in "demanding others" have a say in VW's electric car program. :(
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    The 6 speed tranny

    Is it "normal" for the 2012 TDI/MT… to be "difficult" to engage 1st gear, while slowing to a stop ? n.b. no other concerns about shifting e.g., slack, etc. TIA (beyond desire for a short shifter kit from dieselgeek.) ;)
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    Console lid stuck open !

    Dealer tech says remove two screws from panel that carries the 115v AC plug and heater/ac vents, as first step. On the 2012 JSW "hi-line" — there aren't any screws. :eek: Any hints on how to remove that panel, to get started on fitting the "repair kit" sold to fix the STUCK OPEN LID ? TIA
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    Parts catalog(s)

    What do folks in Canada do for parts when none of the VW/ca sites visited offer an on-line Parts Catalog ? P.S. I must be doing it wrong.
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    MFD warning light

    for left front lamp, following R&R of headlight switch and dash dimmer (to install the driver's cubby (small glove box avail. on CDN Hi-Line models). With car running, I check and ALL lights to the front (pkg, headlite and T/S lamps) work as designed. Any suggestions as to cause… and a fix ? TIA
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    Where do you go

    … to get the flashing brake lights, triggered by the ABS (been mentioned here) when the dealer says— "Can do but offers no guarantee the procedure won't FU the ECM/ECU in some 'unknown' manner" ?
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    Anybody offer a "skirt" for the back of the JSW, to keep dust off the rear window ? TIA
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    RNS-315 update

    How long can one allow the 2012 TDI to idle (for a Nav system update) ? n.b. provider states update process takes "45 to 90 min." w/ engine running but car not moving. :eek:
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    Why do those folks think that 60,080 is too close to 59,612 to be a valid entry on their website ? :confused: P.S. And eMailing them for an answer is fruitless… :mad: :(
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    2012 Nav/Audio system ?

    OK, why's the darn thing "auto-delete" ALL the addresses I have entered ? Worked perfectly, heading east outa' South Dakota, in Vermont… this afternoon, cue up the address book and nada. FWIW, North American v.02, if useful. Dagnabbit ! :confused: :mad::mad: :(
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    2012 Nav/Audio system ?

    Lined out how to get musik (and books) xfr from computer files to SD card. Whew ! Now, can the SD card (with music/audio books) be formatted (in files, folders, etc) in a manner to allow folder/file selection via the Nav/Audio controls. ? Thanks, Richard P.S. O/M has no mention, beyond SD...
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    Cupholder ?

    2012 JSW/TDI, 6MT… Can the cupholder insert (between the seats) be flipped, end for end (so the "smaller one" is in the front) ?
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    Rolling test bed(s)

    Not a whole lot of MY miles on the 02 w/ 225 and the 05 w/ 335K but this new-to-me 2012 JSW @ 54K seems to be a participant in the VW Rolling Test Bed program. As reported here, multiple issues pop up, eventually they find (and deliver) a fix e.g. DPF, EGR flapper, TPMS, etc. Sometimes for...
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    Interesting situation

    re: the CR & DPF "design"… with hard coding which:1) does not advise the driver a NECESSARY process (regeneration) is in progress… and 2) allows the cruise function to prevent the NECESSARY process (regeneration) and 3) allows incomplete regeneration cycle(s) — smacks of __________________...
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    Tire ?

    What's a good QUIET tire to replace Continental ContiPro Contact, size 225R45/17 ? And a good SNOW tire ? TIA, Richard
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    A possible alternative ? Is diesel fuel that is made from atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, an alternative fuel ?
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    IQ (injector quantity)

    Vehicle #1 in order, by milligram per stroke (mg/str) Cyl 1 > Cyl 4… -0.12 -0.4 0.0 0.56 Vehicle #2 in order, by milligram per stroke (mg/str) Cyl 1 > Cyl 4… 0.47 -0.37 0.49 -0.35 Are either of these IQs out of spec ? If so, which one, and what are the consequences ? TIA
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    BEW/PD Cruise Control

    OK, there aren't a whole bunch of us out there… but how many can't maintain set speed when entering a hill ?