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    Preliminary - preparing to sell 2006 Jetta TDI sedan; 240,000 miles; zip 77845

    I’ll have one vehicle too many in the next day or two, and sadly, the Jetta will have to go up for sale. I’m posting this preliminary thread to gauge the level of interest here and weigh that against other options. Location: 77845 Let me know! Adam
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    Need Help: Replacing blown ECU / Programming / Cloning

    The ECU literally blew up. I have a replacement (used) on the way. I need help to get the replacement ECU programmed so that the car doesn't reject it and refuse to start. I can't easily bring the car to the dealer, because I doubt it is going to start. That means I'd have to tow. Does...
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    215k miles and no can wear BRM

    215k miles and no cam wear BRM Reading the camshaft failure threads for several years, I’ve been checking for wear a few times and counting on having to replace the cam. Instead, I have even chamfer lines on all of the lobes from the base circles to the tips. I looked from all angles from...
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    New BRM valve cover design - observations

    I got the newer BRM valve cover from IDparts. It is revision K, while my original was rev D. The new one has two PCV diaphragms, which are under the two equal-sized caps at the top. There are also two reed valves inside instead of one. There are two PCV air chambers inside, and they each...
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    Bassoon noise when off throttle and when turning off engine

    Bassoon noise when off throttle and when turning off engine - Solved! Mostly I hear the sound immediately after I turn the engine off. It sounds like a low note on a reed instrument. Sometimes it's just an eighth note, and sometimes it drags on for a whole measure. It doesn't happen every...
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    What '09 parts should I take for my '06?

    What '09 parts will fit my '06? I have an opportunity to pick any parts from an '09 TDI to use on my '06. The '09 has less than 90k. My car has 210k miles. Here's my list. Anything else I should consider? - wheels and tires (new) - trunk mat - diesel filler cap - alternator ? - coolant...
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    Commendable dealership experience

    I read complaints all the time about customer experience at the dealership service department. I've read Toyota, Volvo, and Chevrolet forums as well as VW (other cars I've owned). It doesn't matter - the complaints about incompetency and overcharging are similar. I'm pleased to write here...
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    Awful racket from blower motor - solved!

    The blower fan made a slight buzz one evening, like a leaf caught in the blades, and then it went away after a minute. The next morning, it started up with such a horrible rattle, it sounded like it had slung itself apart. I dropped the fan housing and found this: Jetta blower fan cage
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    Battery: Tried AGM, back to old tech

    Based on my experience with Optima batteries in other cars, I thought AGM was the way to go for car batteries. AGM is completely sealed, zero maintenance, and does not cause bad terminal corrosion. I did not try to fit an Optima in the Jetta. Instead, I bought the exact fit made by East...
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    Rear caliper pins top and bottom not the same!

    While doing my first brake pad and rotor replacement on the rear brakes (106,000 miles), I noticed one of the caliper pins was much looser than the other. One pin had almost no perceptible play, and the other wobbled around like it came from Harbor Freight. I looked closely at the pins for...
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    WTB: VAG-COM / VCDS for '06 TDI

    I would like to purchase a Ross-Tech VAG-COM (VCDS) for my car. I thought I would check here first in case someone no longer needs theirs. Thanks, AJ
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    Back seat interior light - won't turn on automatically

    The back seat interior light suddenly stopped turning on automatically when we open the back doors. It will turn on manually, and none of the bulbs are burned out. Is there some switch or setting that turns this feature on/off? I was sure I would have found others with the same problem...
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    Headlight recall

    I got a recall notice for the '06 Jetta TDI today. It says the headlights may not comply with federal law because some of the adjuster screws are not capped off (which would make them unadjustable). Cap to disable horizontal aim Incorrectly installed cap which prevents vertical aim Cap to...
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    Air Conditioner A/C Climatronic Problem

    Sometimes - very rarely so far - the Climatronic doesn't cool well. This is always when it has been sitting in the hot sun for a little while, after having been driven that day already. Symtoms are warm-ish air from driver side vents, while cooler air blows on the passenger side. The air...
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    Local Dealer - lots of TDIs - talks about (few) repairs

    I stopped by the local dealer yesterday. There are LOTS of new Jetta TDIs on the lot -- too many to walk around and count them all! The service guy said he thought they might be customer orders, but I don't think that's true. Some of them had shoepolish on the windows advertising mileage, and...
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    one-piece, foldable front sunshade ?

    Somewhere around 5-10 years ago, you could buy one-piece sunshades for your front windshield (not model-specific). These were like the two-piece shades you can get today, but they were sewn into a single panel. like this This design is FAR superior to the annoying two-piece panels you find...
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    Useless technical info/trivia

    I thought I'd start a new thread similar to the features/easter egg thread, but specific to information that gearheads and techies would find interesting. For example, while changing the oil yesterday, I noticed that the A/C compressor has what appears to be a servo attached to the back. If...
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    First dent - top of trunk lid

    So there's a ding on the top of the trunk lid, right about where you would push on it with your hand to close the lid. It looks like hailstone damage more than anything else. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else. The sheet metal is thin there, and I wonder if I might have done...
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    Possible competition for WVO

    I'm just starting my home BD "refinery", and I'm thinking about the possibility of competition for WVO around town. The first thing I noticed was someone beat me to my source the last couple of times I checked. Then, just yesterday, I saw an ad in the paper "Wanted: used cooking oil free or...
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    What to order if dealer gives you $100 voucher?

    We picked up the car last night! The dealer "gave" us a $100 voucher for the parts dept., which expires next month. Any recommendations for what I should get? Accessories? Oil? Filters? Thanks, Adam