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    Turbo rebuild

    Does anyone know of where I could get my turbo rebuilt? I bought a Street Toys 1856 from KERMA around 6-7 years ago and it has developed a strange sound. I'm trying to find the time to pull it and take a look at what has happened to it. Some background info: I've been running it with a Malone...
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    Temp gauge

    Recently when I've started my car in the mornings I've noticed that my coolant temp is already above the cold mark. I don't think this is right since the temps have been in the 60s at night. Is this that stupid coolant temp sensor that has gone bad twice already? :rolleyes:
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    CEL codes

    Is there a list of all the codes that are displayed on OBD readers? I searched but couldn't find anything. More specifically I have 3 codes P0106, 16490, and 17978. I'm pretty sure that the P code has to do with my 3 bar MAP. Don't know what the others are though. Thanks guys, Joey
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    Need help finding a thread...

    Trying to find the thread that had a pic of all the Eurojet FMIC pipes laid out. I have the pdf link but it doesn't show the pipes laid out. The pic also had all the pipes numbered. Had it a couple of weeks ago but the tab got closed out. Thanks guys
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    Power Windows

    I would like to upgrade to power windows in my MK4 TDI. Does anyone know if the wiring is already there and just needs to be hooked up? Curious but not enough to take my door panels off and check. Wish they were an option on 2 door TDI's prior to 2003. Pretty sure it's going to take more...