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    Need Side Markers

    The side markers on my 2000 Jetta have a yellow hue. I'm looking for a good source for clear side markers, and would like to upgrade to a newer style or LED. Any suggestions for a good source?
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    Rave Wheel Wanted

    <font color="blue"> I am looking for a single Rave Wheel that is in good condition. Contact me by direct email if you have one to sell. I'm in South-East US. </font>
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    It died, so I threw it away

    My OEM battery bit the dust. I charged it overnight and still no power the next day. So I went online and ordered an Optima Battery with Reversed poles so that the positive is toward the passanger side and the ground is toward the driver side. I ordered the Orange top, but they shipped me a...
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    FS: Oilguard Filter Housing & 10 Filters

    I have a new in box EPS 10 Oilguard filter and 10 spare filters. Retail value: $140.00 (sale price) for the EPS-10 filter housing and $110.00 for the filters. Will sell for $125.00 for all. Free shipping for payment by certified check or money order. For PayPal transaction add $12.00 for...
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    Tow Dolly for Jetta TDI

    I've moved out of our NC home and now have the Florida Condo and Edith II, a 26' 1978 GMC motorhome -- my rolling renovation project. I'm wanting to pull the Jetta or Sue's handicap conversion van behind. I'd tow four down on the Jetta, but the van is a standard transmission and I don't want...
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    Help me choose a suspension

    Ok guys (and girls). I need some help. I'm running an Eibach Sport Suspension on my 2K Jetta, which lowers the car, and gives a more firm ride than stock. I like the cornering and handling, and don't mind the firm feel of the bumps on the road, but I'm about to change the use of my car...
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    What would you pay ...

    for a cup holder?
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    Cupholder ?

    Will a cupholder assembly for a 2000 Jetta (A4 Jetta with old style cupholder) fit in a 1999 (A3 style) Jetta? Thanks for the help. I've replaced my original old style cupholder with a new cupholder assembly and am selling the old one on eBay.
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    Bio Diesel from Tampa FL to Raleigh/Durham NC

    I've been down in Lakeland, Florida for a while now, and hooked up with Gone Diesel for a BioDiesel 100 run to Tampa. We talked about the possibility of purchasing a 55 gallon drum of fuel and a pump handle. I figure I have the capacity to transport one or two of these drums to NC if the NC...
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    Anybody Want a Westfalia Diesel?

    eBay Westfalia
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    VW DERF...Help me...Mr. Wizzard!

    Send an email to TDIBeliever who runs the photo page.
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    Brake Pads

    My REAR pads need replacement, but the front are doing fine. I talked to the dealership and they said that the rear pads typically go out first on the VW. Didn't quite know why. I'm going to put new pads on. Stopping power is more important to me than brake dust, and I don't want pads so...
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    A4 Jetta Charcoal Seat covers

    I have a set of Charcoal cloth OEM seat covers from my 2000 A4 Jetta for sale. No smoke car. I installed Katskin leather and don't need these. Have yours been cut, burned, or damaged? I'll ship you this set for 25 bucks US including postage.
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    Driv'n EZ's Jetta TDI

    Driv\'n EZ\'s Jetta TDI While over at BoraTDI's today we snapped a few photos of the cars. Thanks to Fred for creating an environment where we can meet. Whenever I get together with other TDI drivers, I always enjoy myself and my company. Here's a shot of the Jetta with BoraTDI's Golf in...
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    Post BoraTDI Golf Guy

    Today I drove over to visit BoraTDI. He shot a few photos of his excellent 2 door Golf. He's using Classic car wax with a coat of hardener on top. It sure did shine like brand new. What a great looking car ... and a super friend. As much as I love the car, this site is more about people...
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    Might be the MAF

    My car sat for a week while I was in Florida. When I returned and started the engine the CEL came on. The engine would operate in limp mode until it was warm, and then the turbo would kick in and run OK. I cleaned the MAF with electronic cleaner. Reinstalled and still the CEL. Removed...
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    Air Filter throws CEL

    Took my Piper Cross airfilter out for a good cleaning the other day, and wanted to put it back in bone dry. So I picked up an aftermarket Fram airfilter to throw in the airbox for a day. All went well for about 1/8 mile. When I floored it my Check Engine Light came on. What? Hard to...
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    Only 23 MPG!!!

    I used my Jetta to pull a Haulmark 5x8 enclosed trailer from our home in NC to our Condo in Florida. The load was a full 3,000 lbs. and I drove an average speed of 68 mph which included cruising at 72 for most of the trip. I obtained my speeds via GPS, not speedometer. On this trip the Jetta...
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    VW and TDI fun stuff (pictures)….

    Nice set of products. I certainly am enjoying my two stainless TDI mugs. MZ Sue has confiscated one of them and uses it in her Windstar van. Perfectly fine with me, she's the reason I bought the second one! Take Care, DEZ
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    Uprated Springs

    I've installed the Eibach sport springs on an A4 Jetta. The drop is about 3/4". The handling is more firm and the ride is tighter. I live in an area where we do not get much of any snow, but would not suggest this modification for anyone who would hit chunks of ice or snow in North America...