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    Wagon owners: how well/quickly does your rear defrost work?

    I have an 06 wagon, the rear defrost works very well, although I have no reference as to whats fast, and whats slow. Lets say, i turn the car on before i start scraping. If i start at the front, when i get to the back, ice has already melted along the heater strips.
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    Free: 5x100 steelies in good condition with old tires CAMBRIDGE

    Tomorrow I'll be in Cambridge. 5x100, 15", very little rust. Tires hold air and have some tread but they are old I was going to pull the tires off myself with a manual Tire machine but realized the effort isn't worth it and I have too many sets of wheels and tires anyways Currently sitting...
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    Defender-tech skid plate mounting posts

    I am in exactly the same boat, except i had the posts and lost them Perjad at precision tuning should have the posts
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    WTB: genuine rosstech hex-v2 vagcom cable

    before i go and send roseland my money, I thought i would check on the forum to see if anyone has a hex-v2 vagcom cable for sale. LMK, thanks!
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    Castrol Edge 5w40 in a PD?

    otty, I noticed yesterday that partsource carries a 505.1 rated total oil, 5w30 as well as a 505.1 "listed" oil by redline. I doubt redline actually paid for the certificaiton and is just saying its equivalent, but i would trust redline either way. Theres also the option of using rotella t6...
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    WTB: Clean MK4 5MT Wagon (yes I know, just like everybody else)

    For reference i paid 4k safety and etested for a 2006 with 330k kms, 5 speed, cloth interior this was in january, i was looking for about a month. Had a line on an auto 2005, but that car was totalled by the owners brother after I test drove it and told him i wanted it...
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    Tire size speedometer issue

    actual tire sizes fluctuate as well. Those two tires might be much farther apart in dimensions than their sidewall sizes indicate. This is very apparent with high performance tires and their listed tread width. You stack a set of two different brands, but the same sidewall listed size and one...
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    Difference in rear brakes on pre/post facelift mk4 tdi?

    Rock auto lists different part numbers for the rear brakes on the tdi based on it seems pre and post facelift. The parts look the same and Ive never heard of this difference so I just want to confirm as the "pre facelift" brakes are about 50% less than post edit: there is a slight difference...
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    Canadian recall search by vin?

    Searching the website comes up with nadda, google, nothing, transport canadas page with links to automative manufacturers recall links shows vw as n/a. Does anyone know where I can search for recalls based on my vin, and see if anything is due?
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    Whats it worth/feeler thread 03 Jetta Wagon, 260k, $4000 in new parts

    I just recently purchased a wagon, an 06 mind you, but if it was me, I wouldn't pay any more than 4 grand safetied and certified. Youve had the car for 4 years so I can only assume its paid off. If you get the money back in the parts i would call that a win. if you post it for sale, dont say...
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    Best spot to pick up MK4 front fenders?

    I concur, rockauto changed their shipping policy and so you pay duties with the initial order, which usually isnt much, and you arent dinged with bs brokerage fees when the part arrives. 9 times out of 10, rockauto is cheaper, even with shipping heres for a 2005 as i was curious...
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    mk4 tdi website listing common issues, what to look out for, etc..

    Back in 2008 when I was looking to purchase my first tdi (ended up with the unicorn b4v) I remember coming across a website that had an extensive used car buying guide for TDIs. Maybe it was this site, but I haven't been able to find it. Recently bought a PD and I know nothing about them. If...
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    Best spot to pick up MK4 front fenders?

    search on thats how i found mine. Mine came off of a city jetta
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    Cheaper Muffler shops in the GTA

    They accepted that bag of pennies?
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    Any oil deals?

    Good looking out!
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    Wanted desperately: I need to either buy or borrow a spare, 5x100 mk4 tdi

    8 pm, 4 hours later. Still no CAA. Girlfriend to the rescue. I was going to be delivering my car to the buyer and picking up my new wagon. So much for that.
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    Wanted desperately: I need to either buy or borrow a spare, 5x100 mk4 tdi

    Wanted desperately: I need to either buy or borrow a spare, 5x100 mk4 tdi North York Currently sitting at an esso on Leslie north of Sheppard. Have been waiting 2 hours for a caa tow and no updates. If someone is in the area that has a spare I can borrow or buy, lmk I have cash on me My number...
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    Any idea whose skid plate this is?

    This is not true. They ship out of a warehouse in Aurora. The website is in USD. Source: I order hardware for work
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    obdeleven Canadian source?

    What are these credits good for?
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    Wtb: mk4 wagon cargo cover

    Looking for the cargo cover for a wagon, preferably in black