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    MKIV Jetta ABS Issues

    Scanned with car with VCDS and got this: 1 Fault Found: 00290 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Left (G46) 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit Tried to clear it several times and it comes right back immediately. I get wheel speed from the other 3, but not from the left rear in VCDS...
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    B5.5 Passat TDI Engine, Auto Transmission, and Damaged Manual Trans

    Someone slammed into the rear and totaled a friend's Passat with a manual swap. He bough a very clean B5.5 Passat with 204k miles on it that we are pulling the engine and trans from to swap in his current 5 speed and engine that has a cam/BSM delete, etc. The engine is fro mthe 204k mile car ad...
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    B5.5 Passat Manual Swap - Are Euro Transmission from 1.9 and 2.0 the Same?

    Have a manual swapped Passat with some transmission issues. It currently has a FHN 14053 transmission. We found a FHN 01051 for sale from a 1.9L Passat. Are these interchangeable?
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    Which is the Best Carrier to use for Importing Parts?

    Not sure where to put this, sorry if this is the wrong location. I am having some parts sent over from a UK based company to the US. I figured a few members here have some experience and could help me out. Is there any companies that I should avoid or a preferred company? I don't want them...
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    2 Cupholder Center Console (Gray)

    I have a nice gray cup holder center console. I pulled it from a wrecked 2004 car and it doesn't have any damage to the mounting tabs that these normally have. It is gray in color, it needs a quick washing and I am traveling currently so it will be a bit before I can get back and take a...
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    2006 with Tons of Crankcase Pressure and Whistling noise coming from the vent

    Sorry this may be a bit long, but I'll try to be direct. I am considering buying this car. Car was going down the road and apparently the oil pump broke and the car stopped running so it was towed to mechanic. Mechanic put a new cam sensor in it and also noted that the cam pulley was all the...
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    Frost Heater and Heated Seat Plug and Play Harness

    A few cold weather items for sale. Both of these make winter much more pleasant in your TDI. I have a lightly used Frost heater for sale. It came out of a 2002 Jetta TDI. It worked great and the car would have heat and defrost instantly even on 20 degree mornings (kind of rare here to get any...
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    5th Gear issues!

    I'm working on a Jetta lost 5th gear going down the highway but others work fine. I pulled the cover and the teeth are fine on both gears and the lever moved fine. When engaged the two gears spin, but the shaft oon the larger gear doesn't spin. It does spin on my parts tranny. Trans obviously...
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    Where to get Glass Lenses for MKIV Headlights?

    Looking for a set of these, any suggestions? My regular vendors I use from the board don't seem to carry them.
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    Mercedes ML Diesel Changes?

    Trying to get some useful info on the ML320/350 Diesel and changes they made. All I can find is navi differences, etc. Seems the major groups are: 07/08 ML320 CDI 09+ ML320 Bluetec ML350 Bluetec I see that the 09 got the urea/adblue and picked up a few hp. Did they drop rail pressure or...
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    Help finding hose replacement part number (pic inside!)

    This is on an ALH Jetta. It is the hose on the drive side rear of the head. It appears that a small oil leak has weakened this and caused it to burst. I think the hose has a slight upward bend in it, but I do not have another car here at the moment to compare it with. Can someone look and see...
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    MKIV Jetta Sedan Trailer Hitch - low profile

    I have used MKIV Jetta Sedan Trailer hitch. It is a slim, low profile design and worked great on my jetta. I sold the car and no longer need this. It will also come with the ball and insert to go in the receiver. Sorry for the strange pictures, I was in a bit of a hurry. $80 shipped in the...
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    Doniol Boost and EGT Gauge

    I have a nice used Doniol boost and Pyrometer. This is the cleanest install for a boost gauge and pyrometer for these cars. They were made in very small batches and this is from his second batch that supports either the stock 2.5 Bar MAP sensor OR a 3 Bar MAP sensor (you can choose) Im...
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    WTB: Stock Shifter for MKIV Jetta

    Have a car here with a broken metalnerd shifter. (Well not really broken, but apparently the previous owner did a bit of drilling and such on it so it finally slipped off the shifter rod a bit) They are wanting to go back to a stock shifter. Anyone have one?
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    MKIV Jetta Headlamps with Glass Lens and bi-xenon retrofit

    I have a pair of the headlights made by Jeff. I went with all the upgrades when I did these. They have the glass lens, are 55w bi-xenon projector retrofits and have the GLI style painting in the housings. Kit will come complete and ready to plug and play. I sold the car they were in and put...
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    MKIV GLI Perforated Leather 3-Spoke Steering Wheel and Airbag

    This is in pretty good condition. The wheel has some wear on the top and some scuffing on the bottom. $125 shipped in the lower 48
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    Performance part out - 2002 Jetta Wagon

    I am getting ready to sell my 02 wagon and have a ton of performance goodies on it. I know that these will bring me little to no value when selling the car so I am going to pull them off - unless someone wants to buy the car as-is and give me at least something for the parts. I have not pulled...
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    Ross Tech KII USB Cable

    Ross Tech VCDS Vag Com KII USB Cable This is a genuine Ross Tech KII USB VCDS VagCom cable. It is in great working condition and works on all of the older TDIs including the MKIV cars. I have a HEX CAN cable that works on the newer CAN cars and I just don't need two of these dongles any more...
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    03 Gray Center console with cupholders and armrest in great shape

    I have a very nice 03+ style center console with the cupholders and also a very nice armrest. They are both gray and the cover for the armrest is cloth. I think the lid latch clip is broken, but this can easily be fixed. The lid and actual armrest hinges are both in great shape as are the...
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    P3 Cars Digital gauge (MKV) and MKIV/MKV IPOD Adapter

    MKIV/MKV IPOD Adapter I have a USA SPEC PA11-VW6 IPOD adapter. It works on 98-07 VWs. It was $90 new, I'll take $50 shipped on it. You can read more about it here: Edit...