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    Outer tie-rod failure mode.

    I have developed some play in the steering, along with a little noise. It's a click trying to grow up into a clunk as you quickly steer off-center. The largest amount of play is in the outer tie-rods, but it's not at the ball end. It's at the rubber damper where the threaded rod connects...
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    Another manual swap

    After 220k and about 20k after replacing the TC, now there's no reverse. I'm ready to pull the trigger on a manual swap. Has anyone in northern Virginia, where we have both the annual safety inspections and biannual emissions tests, completed a manual swap, and if so, have you had any issues...
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    Intermittent stall

    I have been fighting an intermittent stall on a 05 BHW for over 5 years. Nothing ever shows up on VCDS. It will not immediately restart. It has stalled under power, coasting, and idling. It seems to be a fuel supply problem as I have to cycle the ignition switch at least 30 times and even...
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    Can anyone provide some information on how to reset the readiness monitors on a 2015 Audi Q7 CNRB 3.0 TDI? All but one is completed (the last one or bit 7 of byte 4). I have not been able to find any information that specifically applies to the 2015 model. I have technical bulletin 01 15 18...
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    Trunk release

    I have been trying to sort out an issue with the trunk actuator. First the background: the sunroof leaked and the drain was plugged. Flooded the drivers footwell. Dried everything out and everything worked except the trunk release, and I couldn't reprogram the key fobs. Traced the trunk...
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    3.0TDI GenII post Emissions Modification

    Thought it might be interesting to start a thread on Post Emissions Modification observations. We have a '15 Q7 TDI Prestige S-Line. It was an upgrade for our '09 they bought back. Had the fix completed in Feb. So far we have noticed the following (short list format, more info below): All...