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    2000 beetle hd springs

    Ok guys before you start in about my weight let's just keep this friendly. I'm a large person I go a solid 5 bills plus and whatever tools and parts I have in the car at any given time I'm looking to stiffen up the suspension on my 2000 beetle tdi. I usually fly solo but...
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    00 jetta help

    Hey guys my little brother. Senior in high school made the adventure to augusta maine and are in need of help to change out some injector on the jetta they just bought out here. They did a head swap and have it running but 3rd injector died have spare and tools just no slide hammer
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    2000 jetta. 911 help needed stuck in Augusta maine

    Here goes guys my younger brother and some friends in Augusta picking up a 2000 jetta with a bad head. Switch head and belt. Car is running they have a vcds with them. Number 3 injector is bad. They didn't bring a slide hammer to change it and I'm here in Wisconsin. So anyone out...
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    00 beetle missfire

    00 beetle 274000 miles. Bought non running told bad inj pump sitting for 1 yr. Got it home bled lines fires right up decent power. So start to drive 30 miles one way to work and find it to be sputtering at cruise speeds under light throttle. If I beat it 3k and above seems to be ok...