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    What are PowerPlus nozzles !?

    Kerma is selling some PowerPlus nozzles !? What are these ? (The number cannot be the whole size in um - can it ? Then those holes would be ~0.5mm !! Way big !!) Any data-sheets etc. ?
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    PROBLEM : Skid-Plate !!

    I have Skoda Octavia (same as Bora / Jetta). The parts are 1J0 018 930 B and 1J0 018 885 A . So the parts should be right ... The mounting holes etc. align perfectly and it seems fine .. before you try to attach it to T-supports. The air-con compressor is in the way !! The belt wheel and...
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    The Ultimate Power Enhancement !!!

    Skoda is now part of VWAG - so this belongs here !! Check this out : You cannot get more power out of it
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    Delvac 1 vs. Mobil 1 ?!?

    There seems to be several different oils sold under the same name : Delvac 1 SHC [EU] Delvac 1 [US] and Mobil 1 0W40 [EU] Mobil 1 0W30 [US] then there are some special oils for VW-TDIs : Mobil SHC Formula V [Extended drain 0W30] Mobil Synt S Special V [PD-TDI 5W40] - But I couldn't find...
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    How to check man.trans. oil level ?!

    Hi !! I tried searching the forums - but couldn't find anything ... So how it's supposed to check the 5 gear manual transmission oil level ? (Where is the plug located ? Somewhere in side ?) - The maintenance shedule does list this ... The tranny is A04 -type ... Pictures could help
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    New HIGH-power oilburner !!

    Friends just bought TWO of these high power russian jet engines !! Check these out and much more : (Go to Jet1 & Jet2 + Aeroplane jet engine for latest pics !!) ... Happy oil burning
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    Pre-Turbo Intake ...

    You might be already noticed some debate about air-filters , snorkels and pre-turbo piping ... Here is very good articles on the subject :
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    Turbo pages up again !!!

    These old turbo pages have been digged out from the archive and put on my old PC. These pages are still in the original form... Later content, lay-out and video clips will be updated. (There are lots of artifacts in video clips !!) The current server is still in experimental state, but hope it...
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    Why not aftermarket superbulbs ?!?

    It is widely agreed that any coloured aftermarket 'super'bulb is inferior to the non-coloured bulb. Because the coloured bulb has absorbing filter to change the spectral behaviour most of the energy is filtered out. So any coloured bulb is a piece of crap !! But there is non-coloured bulbs that...
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    Esso Ultron 0-W30 any good ?!?

    Hi !! I just read one lube test in a magazine.. The winner was Esso Ultron 0-W30 . So do you have any opinions or even facts about that oil .. (Anyway it's easily available here !! - Amsoil is NOT & RedLine is WAY too expensive !) -PWM-
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    S4 & A4 fender liners interchangeable ?

    Hi !! I have seen the posts about using Audi TT:s fender liner grille with some other liner ... But the TT S4 chassis is quite similar to A4 and the fender liners seem quite similar in pictures .. So are they interchangeable ?!? (If they are I'm goin' to buy one right away - And If not I'm...
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    Heat accumulator - anyone !?

    Hi , again .. It's getting cold .. and oil pan heater is difficult to find ! So now I am kind of scanning the possibilities for the heat. BMW seems to have heat / thermal accumulator as an option. They claim that it's able to keep the heat as long as four days in -40C !! Then it should have...
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    EU / 230V OilPan Heater !?!

    Hi !! Is there 230V version of oilpan heater available in europe ?? If there is could you kindly post the part number (for A04) .. !
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    Am I stupid or what.. !?

    OK - I got my 110hp TDI Octavia .. Now I tried to unplug the EGR connector from the solenoid - It's damn tight !! Is there some trick to take it off !? Probably the connector has some sort of detent (or whatever) .. But I didn't figure out it yet I think it's better to ask than to use the...
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    CAN-plug pin-outs !?!

    Hi !! I was wondering about a CAN-bus adapter to PC .. Now I have figured out the schematics and parts to rs-232 interface. But what's the pin-out of different connectors used ?! (There's at least OBD-II , 2x2 and 16pin Audi types !!) So if you have the info about the pin-out of any of these...
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    About Fumigation

    Hi ! Noe I have red a bunch of articles about the fumigation and bi-fuelling.. I writed a short note about the issue: " _Fumigation_ The effects of fumigation in diesel engine is caused by several phenomenas: 1. Evaporation of the fumigated liquid. In the fumigation process a...
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    European TDI vs. SDI !?!

    Hi !! I was looking some VW Golfs in local car shop here in Finland .. (.. the west-siberian country ;-) Anyway they were selling these SDI cars quite cheapely .. Also the SDI , TDI & intercooled TDI seems to be the same engine ( also the datas at VW-web seem to confirm this ) .. SO is there...