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    Who can provide 4motion parts for a mk5 2.0tdi jetta in the US?

    I seen this website It doesn't breakdown what bevel box part number, Haldex P/N or driveshaft part numbers to use. I have considered trying to find a golf r for a donor but it looks like the ring and pinion...
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    Tdi buyback restitution delemma

    My 6speed jetta was wrecked. If insurance totals it I'm considering buying it back and taking it to vw for the buyback. If it's not totaled then I'll fix the car and do the restitution check/fix. I have my dpf and egr stuff still but it has been replaced with dpf delete and egr delete tune...
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    2.0cr sudden and complete loss of power but temporary

    2010 cjaa jetta 6 speed at or near 1800 rpm in light to moderate load the car loses engine power suddenly and completely but only temporary. just so happens when i cruise on interstate at 60-65mph. just recently had dpf delete and eco tune from malone.
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    wtb 2micron cp3 kit or fuel filter setup

    watching for buy back cars parting out there cp3 kits and filters. looking to keep my 2010 6speed.
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    How do I disable the ecu so I can make a dyno pull a5

    Took the 2010 tdi to dyno for a pull. It just surged, never let me make a clean pull. Esp off too
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    Will mk5 tdi go into limp mode on a 2 wheel dyno? Comparing tunes

    2010 6 speed 2.0 tdi Will it go into limp mode on a 2wd dyno? Can it be fooled to get an accurate reading? I wish to dyno before and after my 2 different Malone tunes.
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    how can i fix intercooler connection that is wet with oil

    2010 2.0 cr jetta. outlet to hose wet with oil. cleaned it and noticed the connection felt loose. i ordered new o ring for connection.(hope this is the answer) i read other threads of people using screws to fix this :confused::confused:
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    looking for induction mods to hear the compressor.

    I see that CAI are bad for mafs. but is there no other mods to hear more from the compressor side of the charger?
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    I need help with ECU Compatibility check

    I have a stock 2010 6speed. Ive considered the buy back for my model but the tdi love runs deep. so ive been watching for part out dpf delete kits and one came up with malone stage 2 and immobilizer delete. how do i check to see if the ecu will work with my car?
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    120k miles reached! rent or borrow t belt tools

    Hello, I have a 2010 tdi that is ready for its t belt replacement. i have ordered the kit and i see that my VE tdi timing belt tools is not sufficient. I'm located in SC if anyone is willing to let me borrow or rent the timing belt tools for the job. thank you, adam
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    battery light is on after changing trans mount

    1998 ahu jetta 5 speed: i changed the trans mount. now the battery light is on, but dim. put a meter on the battery, its 11.9vdc so its not charging weird that this happened at the same time i changed the mount. what should the 2 wires measure while running but unplugged ( i have 11.9vdc on...
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    WTB: mk3 tdi accesory brackets

    I need part 12, 9.
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    water pump number 2 in one year. what am i doing wrong?

    this is the second water pump to fail at the seal for shaft. i noticed the pulley has just a hair of runout so im guessing i need a pulley too just to count that out this time. first pump was the original. this one was a bosch unit with metal impeller.
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    Mk3 jetta ebay front mount intercooler install. Pretty easy

    Core was 5" tall 28" wide 2.5" thick. All the tubing is 2.5" Mods: Pd130 intake Gt2052 wastegate Pp764 Mr gasket 12d pump under rear seats 2.5" straight exhaust G60/vr6 clutch 3 bar map Mafless tune by tdtuning Trying to get 30psi but will only make 20psi :(
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    WTB PD130 or PD150 driverside intake manifold

    PD130 or PD150 driverside intake manifold wanted. upgrading AHU :) Thanks
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    mk3 jetta Gt2052 AHU 30psi drag strip results

    story of the car, 1998 jetta 220k 5speed mods: Arp studs pp764 straight pipe maf less tune with 3bar mk4 sensor gt2052 wastegated no egr manual boost controller at 29-30# at the track. 25# on street. full weight car minus spare wheel and tire stock wheels and tires(6 year old snow tires on...
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    Is this the correct way to wire 3 bar map in mk3 ecu?

    after reading this post i wanted to confirm i was wiring up the map sensor correctly then made a picture in MS paint to confirm I understood it. map sensor leads numbered numerically 1 to 4 as they go down the pins. car will...
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    ko4 on ahu with minor mods results? this guy is within driving distance and we have bought some timing belt stuff from him so i feel confident in the products, but i have a gt15 that is choking out on pp764,1.5 stage tune, 3'' straight pipe so i was looking to this for a...
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    Dyno results are in! AHU 261ftlbs nozzles and tune

    +200k miles 5 speed gt15 2.5'' straight pipe crush bent, pp764,1.5 malone, vr6 clutch kit. stock everything else It does smoke a bit, with evry mod on its like cummins on 100hp injectors and a hy35 with the smarty and edge stacked and maxed. not sure how accurate my egt guage is but it...
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    EGT installed :) glowsport max tow egt review

    EGT installed :) glowshift max tow egt review Well since I have pp764 and a 1.5 stage tune the smoke has been heavy and 16lbs of boost. mpg has been in the 20's i dont see any fuel leaking so its got to be all that black smoke. I couldnt afford a isspro and the auber instrument isnt a analog...