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    Unknown VCDS codes 37931 and 37932

    Only when you use more than a tank full before your usual 10K oil change. At the VW dealership it is $10 US for 2.5 gallons and there is a part number for the adapter to use the bulk container for $26.
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    Advice for new Q5 owner

    My wife and I both have 2015 Q5's and the main thing I would recommend is an oil extractor so you can change the oil from above. Buy the correct socket for the oil filter so as no to damage it with an adjustable wrench, use the very best oil you can find for European diesel cars (I use Amsol)...
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    Unknown VCDS codes 37931 and 37932

    I don't remember what VAGCOM codes my wife's had but it was for the EGR. It is still under warranty with just 60k on the clock. when I got it back they said it wasn't the EGR valve but was the EGR controller. 10k and no problems except it uses twice the DEF fluid that my Q5 does. Mine has...
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    My new to me 16 TDI Touareg

    To answer the oil question. I have 2 Q5's and change it every 10k miles. I use Amsol synthetic Eurospec TDI oil and Mann filter. I've owned an 04 and 05 treg and they change at 5k and 10 k for the first two oil changes, then 10k. I think you should use the very best oil in these for longevity.
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    Emission Modification- 23Z8 DPF & DOC Replacement Now or Later?

    Get it fixed sooner than later in the event something else goes wrong so you have some warranty left.
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    Oil Leaks 3.0 TDI Q5 or Q7 ?

    It is 93k miles. My wife's had a def problem that the dealership fixed. As far as preventative maintenance, I have done all of the services to get them up to date. My car (93k) is due the trans service which I will do after the holidays. My son has a shop and works on VW's and Audi's. I...
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    Fuel Pump Module Keeps Frying

    Check your grounds. Sounds like something is feeding back and burning it out.
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    B8.5 Q5 CPNB Oil Change w/ Magnetic Plug

    I have been using one of the oil pumps that takes the oil out of the dip stick tube so as no to have to go under the car. Can change the oil and filter under a hour without getting dirty or under the car. Also using Amsol European spec oil every 10k miles.
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    Malone black friday sale - ordered and shipped!

    Be careful. Audi can see if the ECM has been tuned and returned to stock. The warranty is too good to waste it away.
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    Oil Leaks 3.0 TDI Q5 or Q7 ?

    If it leaks, it is covered under the extended warranty. I own 2 Q5's with TDI's. Mine has 93K and my wife's has 62k. Both are 2015's and are the best cars I have ever owned.
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    Q5 TDI CELCode P226d - DPF Particulate filter damaged or substrate missing

    Have you called Audi Care to get them involved. 31k and it should be covered with at least a 36k warranty on the replaced DPF. If you get nowhere with them get a tune and remove that crap. It's not worth the cost if you are stuck with the bill at the dealership.
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    Need a backup Key, but the price is $700!

    Check with another Audi deaership. My wife's car came with only 1 key. I went to the local Audi dealership and ordered a key from the VIN number for $350.00. It was another $140 to get it programed to the car because of the push button start. You may even be able to order the key online from...
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    2002 Golf with a Belly Full of Gasoline...

    Be careful with that. I got gas in my lungs when a fuel line blew off on a van I was working on. 3 1/2 weeks in the hospital and the only thing that saved me was the surgeon washed my lungs out to stop the chemical pneumonia. Not worth dying over and a hard lesson learned.
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    2000 Jetta sunroof reverse polarity?

    Do you have VCDS or someone with it? It may be you have to program the new motor or the new sunroof. I had a '04 Beetle and had to be careful that I closed the top while the car was running. If I shut the car off and then moved the switch, it didn't know what to do. I would have to put the...
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    Q7 AdBlue Reset

    Was there any news on the recall? Hope so!!!!!
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    scratching my head

    Today is March 31 and still no problems, knock on wood. Over engineered but I love these cars.
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    My LCA's on my old '04 Beetle were ripped out. It drove great and cornered very good but ate the inside of the tires out in 15K. The alignment shop had me watch the wheels as the car was backed up and braked and forward as the car was braked. There was about 2 inches of movement in the wheels...
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    scratching my head

    Was told that the DEF controller is in control for the emission system. It has been 2 weeks since the repair and all is good. Fingers crossed.
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    Q7 AdBlue Reset

    How many miles are on the car? It could be still under warranty. 4/48 after the fix. My son bought one with 90k (at the fix) on it and it is covered til 138k. Worth looking into.