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    3 NAIAS Jetta V pics

    Just snapped these.. thought you might enjoy..
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    Wired & Wireless NET access @ Starwood

    "Starwood Hotels & Resorts and IntelR Centrino(TM) mobile technology are making wireless connections easier for you on the road. Starwood has numerous locations with wired and wireless Starwood Turbo Net High Speed Internet access to keep you in touch and keep you connected. Make the most of...
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    London GTG pics. (56K. grab a beer, pretzels, etc)

    On the way home from the GTG I got P0Wn3D by a !%@@#^ truck tire on the road. Busted up lip, broke clips, farked inner wheel well liner.. and BUSTED BORA PAINTED SPENT GOOD MONEY ON THE DAMN THINGS VENTS... A highway is not a place to remove a tire people, we got perfectly good shops for that...
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    BG THANKS to Diesel Dazzler for helpon the coils

    Finaly got my password back ladies! MUHA! Just wanted to thank DIESEL DAZZLER for the help on the install of a set of FK Silver Line coils! The man is just full of short cuts and we did this about two weeks ago and I am loving it!
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    Tell me about SPEC clutches

    Tell me what your experience with SPEC clutches has been. Specificaly people whom have retained the stock DMF.. Tell me the good the bad and the ugly. Day to day drivability and anything else you care to share. Thank you.!
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    Clutch suggestions

    Well the ol' clutch is slipping at WOT in 4th and 5th so its time to upgrade. No surprise though seeing as I am running UP and .205's . So I was wondering if you could throw me some clutch, LSD, and flye wheel suggestions. I know about Diesel Geeks kit but what else is out there. With the...
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    Getting ready for winter..

    Thanks to a little 1991 Jetta 1.8L that came into my hands for a great price and in good condition, my diesel will get a rest and avoid being salt, ice, stone chipped to death on the long commutes (more semi's on the roads around here then cars its seems). The car will be stored outside and...
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    • • Picaroooooos (a few from the rally!) • •

    Gettin som BIO for the road reluctently crouched at the starting line. engine, phumping and thumping in time.... Final instructions T-minus 2 minutes.... Last of 3 Ken rockin the course... NOT diesel power! Heading to home base... Some pics at mosport of the...
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    Dawes Device VS Boost Valve

    I was wondering which of these comes reccomended. It seems like they perform the same function and are at the same price range? Boost Valve Dawes Device
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    Boost Guage Question

    I installed a VDO Vision series boost guage and as expected it buzzes. Now I did the search on this and a variaty of solutions are offered. I'd however like to have a clear understanding as to why this buzz occures My understanding thus far is that as intake valves open and close with no...
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    Guage Question : W-Temp : Temp Sender Install.

    UBB19-ML-528751-ML- This is not a power enhancement
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    Guage Question : W-Temp : Temp Sender Install.

    I was wondering where would be the best place to install an after market (VDO series) after market temp sender for the coolant temp. I know I am going to have to drill and tap (Access to a drill press and tapping kit) so I will need to remove the section to make sure I clean ever metal shaving...
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    T.O./Sauga/Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton Weekly GTG

    "So Tuesday night we get together behind the Dairy Twist to check out cars. Maybe you could come along?" Just wanted to invite all the local TDI'ers to a GTG we have with other VW owners every weeks in Burlington Ontario. It would be nice to have a stronger show of TDI owners. The dubs usualy...
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    For the most part, still under construction. Kamei grill on the way with 20mm spacers for the rear. She is now a JOLF
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    Change your timing belt over to this!

    I didn't know where the heck to post this. None the less I found it in my travels and thought you guys would appreciate a peek at it. The website for these guys is
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    Cold Air Intakes, compatibilities and why not?

    I've heard varying opinions on this mod. I recently had my cone filter get busted up (don't ask). I have the oportunity of picking up a CAI from a 1.8T. First of all is the MAF the same diameter as the TDI where the piping for the CAI would attach. Second, would there be anything in the...
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    Guage Install

    I know that once upon a time there were some great online guides to take people through a boost guage and oil temp guage install. I was wondering if that link/page is still around. My search on this forum has resulted in, well, nothing much! Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have...
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    Brakes begin to squeak on release or break pedal.

    As the weather has warmed over the past few days I have noticed a squeak which I can now confidently attribute to passenger side brakes. The squeak occurs after somewhat moderate to hard brakeing has occured and the break pedal has been released. So as the car drives off (accelerates) the...
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    Guage infro request

    Hey all. I have an oportunity to scoop up 3 guages.. Water Temp, Oil Temp and Boost for 180.00 USD .. The seller hasn't posted much information on the guages but did include these pictures. I'd like to know if any one knows the manufacturer of these guages so I can research if they are a good...
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    Signature Length

    Doesnt seem anyone has brought this up but I humbly suggest that 100 characters for the signature is rather small. I don't expect 400, 500, 700 like some forums but up to 200 would be nice! Just my 2 cents!