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    Charging about 1/2 to 3/4 volt low

    Doesn't sound like much, but the difference between 13.5v and 14.0 volts could mean the car could leave me stranded. The car used to charge in the 14.2v range. My other cars charge in the 14v range, checked using the same meter. After replacing battery, (and fully charging it) I never see more...
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    Saw my first runaway!

    Saw a tractor-trailer in the middle of a comprehensive runaway. Completely obliterated four lanes of traffic for at least two miles. Looks like the problem started as they crossed the bridge over Good Luck Road. Truck was still rolling, but slowing down - probably for the exit. I don't...
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    Poll: Summarize 23O6 Emissions Flash Experience

    Rather than reading through 250+ posts and replies, and getting a polluted result set, I'd like to summarize the members experience with the Emissions 23O6 ECU flash using a poll. 10 answers, from not having the flash to experiences involving +/- Fuel mileage, and +/- Power. You can leave...
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    Well, I see the Takata recall now involves VW... Well... Now that the Takata recall overlaps the TDI dieselgate, will that prompt VW to just throw in the towel? Just like David Bromberg says - "You gotta suffer if you want to sing the blues"... Uncle...
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    CEL when service is due?

    So my 2014 JSWis about 100 miles short of its first service. About 9,920m, the CEL came on. 9,944m on the odo right now. Service reminder set for 10,100m. In addition to the MFD, does the computer set the CEL as a service reminder? No, I don't have Vag, nor have I had time to check for codes...
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    Bait and switch? Trolling for contacts?

    Doing my Tuesday morning depressive search of the web hoping to find a manual transmission vehicle that floats my boat. So, on, a ton of 2015 VW JSW TDI 6 speeds showing up at VW dealers new and for sale. I was under the impression that either VW offered to stop selling ANY TDI, or...
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    I'm livid. Careless, stupid mechanics!

    AAAHHH! Beginning Monday morning, I go out to the car and... nothing. No click-click. No interior lights. can't even get my lighter/voltmeter to even register. Deader than dirt. Just drove it not more than 10 hrs before, and there was no indication it was getting weak. Be that as it may...
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    First oil change in 400 mi - heart palpitations

    2014 JSW TDI bought about 11 months ago. the 10k service is a mere tank of diesel away. So with much interest I read little other than horror stories about service at the dealership; wrong oil; no oil; other unimaginable things. Haven't had a new car since the first Hyundai Excel hit the...
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    Just buy back California vehicles and get the CARB out

    Gawd. I read through the BS from C.A.R.B. released Jan 12. What a pile. Have you read it? This is what they're demanding (note the predictions and the time frame these data need to be to C.A.R.B.) from their FAQ... What makes a recall plan approvable? Each recall plan must include all the...
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    TDI for sale?

    Looking at my local dealer's website, and noticed they were still advertising for sale 2014, 2015, and 2016 TDI for sale. So I got on their chat to ask... Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the conversation, but basically "I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your question how these vehicles...
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    Two questions about Mk7 engines

    Hi there, Two things have very confused about the new Mk7 engines: 1. Piezo vs solenoid injectors. I was under the impression piezo injectors were "state of the art" allowing faster, more precise, and multiple injection cycles in a given combustion cycle. They were the next-gen past the...
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    Manual control over backup camera

    I move a lot of gear at times, obstructing the rear view. Of course, I'm quite adept at using the outside mirrors, but was thinking there may be some utility in being able to turn the camera on while driving forward. Any clues? frank