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    Help with strut assembly

    I am assembling new front struts for my 06 Jetta. I'm having trouble getting the spring to seat correctly against the bearing at the top. It will not stay aligned while undoing the spring compressors. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. pic It is all new parts. The bottom is in its...
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    Broken bolt in crank sprocket

    So I was stupid and re-used the bolts on the harmonic balancer when doing the timing belt on my 06 Jetta. One of the bolt heads broke off flush with the crank sprocket. I've never had to remove a bolt like this before. I guess I should drill a hole through it and use an extractor? It seems the...
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    Please give me your opinion on this camshaft

    This is a new billet camshaft from ID Parts. The chamfer size on the lobes seem to be different for one side than it is on the other. I tried to take good pictures to show what I'm seeing. All of the lobes are like this. Would this be a problem? I've replaced the camshaft once before, and I...