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    Question about Audi A3 "Convenience Package"

    We're thinking about ordering an A3 TDI and are getting a little bit confused by the descriptions. The Audi website says that the 'convenience package' comes with a light sensor that "automatically turns on the headlights if needed". But the Premium Plus package says it comes with automatic...
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    Pricing for A3 TDI

    Just wondering what sort of pricing people have been getting for A3 TDIs lately. May be in the market this month. Thanks.
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    Anyone use Garmin GPS Bluetooth?

    Just wondering if anyone had ever used the hands-free Bluetooth feature that comes with some of the newer Garmin GPS units. Does it work well?
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    venting/ventectomy questions

    A couple of noob questions on the subject. (I did a search, couldn't find these answers). A lot of people talk about doing a ventectomy on their TDIs, which I gather has to do with removing some sort of vent in the filler tube that will allow them to squeeze some more fuel into the tank...
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    New TDI mod questions

    Howdy there! First time poster forgive me if some of these points have already been covered ad nauseum. (I didn't see anything immediately from a search.) I am looking to buy a newJetta in the next few months. I was really interested in getting the GLI at first (I test-drove one...