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    No Status Change on the Portal Since Oct 11?

    I uploaded all required documents on October 11 but have the same message: "We have reviewed all of your documents. Currently, your application contains all the necessary documentation to determine your eligibility. We are now determining your eligibility and will inform you whether you are...
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    Leaking sunroof drain

    Finally found the leak on my 2013 Passat. It's leaking at the drivers front sunroof drain tube. Looks like the drain tube (blue in color) is supposed to fit into a rubber junction (black) which drains through the firewall. I disassembled some interior panels on the drivers side to determine...
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    Found Cabin Leak

    I've been adding equipment to the Passat lately and while doing so I had to pull the drivers side carpet back to start routing cables. When I pulled the carpet back I found the material under the carpet was wet and seemed to be somewhat moldy. Upon further inspection I found the back side of the...
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    Hands Free Issue

    I'm having an issue with hands free in my 2013 Passat SEL. When I use hands free it works for a while then all of a sudden the received audio becomes really staticky and the party at the other end cannot hear me. Seems as if the audio amplification for the hands free portion is going into...
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    Alarm Add On

    Installed the alarm add on a few days back. The SEL does come with the hood switch installed thus no need to install from the kit. The kit is composed of a small horn, hood switch, wiring, one screw to attach the horn and wire ties (for the hood switch installation). The horn mounts in the...
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    VCDS tweaks

    Question concerning VCDS tweaks - does VW have any heartaches with someone making VCDS tweaks? I know GM and Ford will void your warranty if they suspect any unauthorized changes to the vehicle paramaters. Thanks, Chris
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    Seat cover suggestions for 2013 Passat SEL

    Greetings...I purchased a new Passat TDI SEL and am wondering if anyone has suggestions for seat covers. I'm a bit concerned about the seats becoming dirty due to the light color and design. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks, Chris
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    2006 VW Jetta TDI for Sale

    No Longer for Sale via the TDI Forums. If there are interested parties in purchasing, it will be available on AutoTrader after this coming weekend. Thanks, Chris
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    Oil leakage

    When I changed the oil in my 2006 TDI I noticed some oil leakage on the back side of the engine. It's not terrible but enough to where I can see a small amount of oil on the bottom side of the engine mounts. I took it to the dealer and was told this is a normal condition on the TDI's as it is s...