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    The fun starts today Four executives started their day in court over dieselgate. Wintekorn has his own trial.
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    EPA flexing their muscles

    With the announcement earlier this week that the EPA was going to stop CARB from passing tighter regulations, it also looks like the EPA is going to go after the tuners.
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    New VW coupe designed in Brazil

    Just came across this post. Which there was a little more meat to the story but guess we will have to wait until spring. Of course, we'll probably never see it in the US or Canada.
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    WSJ article on dieselgate

    This is pointed more at Europe but still a good read.
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    Tuners beware - Justice Department action against Derive Systems (Bullydog & SCT)

    Came across this on the ram diesel website: Looks like the EPA and DOJ are now going after tuners that have altered the emissions software and/or equipment.
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    Dieselgate sadness

    I work just up the street from a wholesale auto auction lot. In the past couple of weeks I've seen a few trucks heading towards to lot full of JSWs. I think each truck held nine cars each. I'm making the assumption that these are all post dieselgate fixed cars heading to auction. Today they just...
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    Found my Golf replacement

    Last Saturday I finally gave in and let my wife buy our 2011 Golf replacement. 2017 Ram Ecodiesel. I'm now a completely gas free house. It's also a replacement for my 07 Canyon that was going to need work to pass the NC emissions inspection this year. Sorry guys, that should have been...
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    Ford's turn in the dieselgate spotlight

    Now it's Ford's turn in the spotlight and class actions.
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    Diesel trucks

    I'm looking towards retirement and am considering a smallish travel trailer and a new tow vehicle. I'm currently looking at the Ram 1500 Ecodiesel or one of the GM twins with the baby duramax. Tow ratings and price are pretty close with everything that I want and a lot of stuff that I don't...
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    Daimler and Fiat are now in the spot light

    According to the news scroll this morning, Daimler offices have been raided for information on how they have frauded the governments and public over diesel exhaust treatments. Also, the US justice department is going after Fiat Chrysler for 104,000...
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    Car replacement

    It was mentioned in the turn in data tracking thread that it would be nice to see how many poeple have replaced their TDIs with another VWAG product. I thought I would start a poll and a thread. This is not intended to be a discussion on why you chose what. There are a lot of ther threads that...
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    Phone link on MFD gone

    I haven't had time to run VCDS on it yet, but my wife's 2011 Golf has stopped displaying the phone info on the MFD. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for on the VCDS? I'm planning on taking care of this over the long weekend.
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    VW announces plans for electric cars

    Volkswagen plans electric model campaign Volkswagen has declared an electric model campaign at the IAA. "We are following, as always, our own path," CEO Martin Winterkorn explains. As such, 20 new models are planned by 2020, among them the Porsche Mission E with 600 HP...
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    Links from other forums

    In addition to my tdis, I have an 07 GMC canyon. It's been running rough so I searched for a similar thread to this. I found I posted the following in the new member forum and was surprised to see how it tagged this site. All I typed in was the web address. My truck is...
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    NMS compared to B5.5

    I searched to see if anyone else has asked this question, but found nothing. Maybe the models have too many years between them but here goes: We are considering replacing the JSW with a new Passat. My daughter has an 03 B5.5 GLS that we really like the ride and handling. Can anyone give a...
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    Trailer hitch for nms Passat

    I searched and didn't have my question answered through at least three pages of results, so here goes. Due to some life changing circumstances this summer, my wife and I are thinking of giving up either the JSW or Golf on a new TDI Passat. One of my determining factors is that the JSW has a...
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    Filler neck recall check

    As a FYI for any of those out there that have removed the filler neck restrictions from the recall, VW will be checking on you. I took my wife's 11 Golf in this week for her last "free" service at 30k miles. There was a line item for checking that the restrict or was in place. My assumption is...
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    7 of the Nicest 35 MPG+ cars of 2013 just came across this link and was happy to see the NMS Passat as the only non-hybrid listed.
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    VW Literature

    I got this email offering reduced VW literature. Not sure what is meaningful but thought I would pass the link along. Is the ELSA webbuild guide a good thing to have? Dear Volkswagen Owner; We assume you’re the kind of person who loves their Volkswagen model. And since you’re that kind of...
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    Passat rear seat room

    So this week I'm traveling with two of my sales people in the Pacific Northwest. My host has a 2012 Passat SE and being the nice guy that I am, I've chosen to ride in the backseat. I spent about five hours there today. Lots of legroom and fairly comfortable back support. Only issue is a rattle...